Bumblebee Tongue

I swear, I have been dealing with my tongue feeling like it’s been stung by a bumblebee for the past few days. I don’t know quite what I did to it, except maybe I bit it by accident in my sleep.

I’ve been told I’m a clencher, a grinder, and that I have TMJ and young arthritis in the jaw. Now, like a classic snorer I completely ignore these charges and pretend I don’t do this. Plus, my mouth guard is someplace else because that is just not sexy.

Almost as not sexy as having a bumblebee tongue that hurts for you just to drink water. As the man said, I’m just falling apart.

Also, I was thinking tonight that I’m going to a special sort of Hell personally reserved for girlfriends/fiancée who accept massages from their significant others but never massage them in return. The man is so good about massaging me when I’m sore and I am so terrible about reciprocation.

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