Just call me slow to simmer.

My mom describes herself as "Scrap"

My mother and I recently had a discussion where I had to remind her about my personality. I’m a relaxed person, very laid-back, hard to rile up, and take things as they come. To get me excited about something is actually not the easiest task sometimes because I will probably say “Yeah, okay, sure.” It’s not that I’m disinterested, or unenthusiastic, as my mother likes to say, it’s just that I’m a pretty chill person most of the time.

While she has compared herself to Scrap from the movie Ice Age, that paranoid, crazy prehistoric squirrel on the eternal pursuit to find that beloved nut of his. Just to have that nut taken from his tight arms by some unseen force.

That’s my mother.

She gets worked up about the smallest things. She yells and runs around and makes a ruckus about really, nothing. She likes to make drama when there isn’t any drama and she tells me my brother is like her. Which, yes, I can see the similarities between them, but also the differences. They find something out and get very excited. I enjoy a beautiful vacation like Sedona with silence and awe of how gorgeous mother nature can be. There’s only been about one or two vacations where the all of us in my family could genuinely relax and enjoy nature without talking and without doing something else 5 minutes later.

This is not to say I’m not like my mother. We have very similar personalities outside of me being pretty laid-back and not getting worked up too easily. Call me slow to simmer, but once I’m simmering I’m boiling pretty fast if a situation has really gotten to me. When I do get worked up I don’t calm down for hours, and talk about what happened over and over again.

My mother was planning a vacation to New Orleans.

It got cancelled because she felt like I wasn’t into it enough. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was excited to be trying out a new place, just not up to her ‘excitement level.’ So, we had a discussion where she was telling me it was my fault for her cancelling the New Orleans vacation. So, instead, she went with us doing Las Vegas instead.  Which, I don’t mind the change-up that much, Las Vegas is the adult playground of destinations. I was just interested in trying out a new place for a vacation, and though she thought I was ‘unenthusiastic’, I thought New Orleans sounded like a neat place.

Guess that just didn’t get through to my mother. I didn’t like being blamed for the mix-up in vacations, because I didn’t show the appropriate level of craziness and wasn’t jumping up and down and all around. Either way, I think it’ll be a fun trip with the now Las Vegas plan. Me and the man might try to do New Orleans on a day trip by ourselves. He’s been there before so he knows where to go and stuff, and he really liked going there too when he went by himself.

Plus, he and I get along like peanut butter and jelly and I love how laid-back he is. Even when I’m worked up, he calms me down and makes me more grounded. My mother makes me into a complete stress ball and then we are just going at each other back and forth until we calm down later or eventually lose steam.

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  1. I am totally like you.
    I like the new layout!!

    • I dig your chillness! And I’m glad you like the new layout! I know how people don’t like change, but I thought this layout was kind schnazzy.


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