You say potato, I say tomato

I feel like sometimes me and the man suffer from polar opposite effect. He will be up and raring to go, feeling fantastic, and I will basically be dead as a door nail and out of commission. Then there’s me feeling just fine, dandy, awake, kicking it, and he just feels tired, exhausted, sleepy, ready to hit the hay. It’s a you say potato, and I say tomato kind of thing going on.

Maybe it’s because our job schedules are all screwy. He gets the weekends off and I work the weekends and basically want to drink myself to sleep/death after a really hard day. We seem to be on some kind of polar opposite alignment and sometimes we line up just fine, but other times, it seems like we just can’t seem to match up with feeling great at the same time.

Like, for as busy as a work day as I had, I’m surprisingly awake and dealt with it fine. Actually ended the work day with a good amount of energy that didn’t fizzle as much as it usually does when I get behind the wheel. But, he had himself a hard time sleeping. Sleeping together used to be easy, yet now it’s gotten into a complex science.

You have the Queen sized bed this day, now I’ll have the King sized bed that day, now we’ll sleep together but I’m gonna put ear plugs in so I can’t do that on a day I work. It’s not his fault, it’s my fault, I tend to be a restless sleeper until I actually fall asleep where I concentrate on every possible drop of water from the sink, every creek upstairs from people walking around, and every inconsistency with the fan. I concentrate on pretty much anything and everything and waste time just keeping myself awake. And, I don’t want to keep him up just because I’m feeling restless.

It’s just aligning the stars sometimes for the both of us to feel in the same great mood, or even just in a good mood where we both aren’t exhausted because of our work.

I realize with relationships there is a give and a take. There are days that will be great, days that you will both be exhausted, days just one of you will feel like crap, and all that. You stick with each other together through what’s going on and make the best of it. Coming home to the man is definitely a wonderful thing and something I look forward to. Even if he’s tired, or I’m tired, it’s all worth it to have the hug when I come home and just to feel like I’m at home when I’m with him.

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  1. My hubs schedule is sometimes screwed up too. I work during the day and he might have a night shift. So we barely see each other and during the day he sleeps!
    I totally know what you mean.
    Have you tried taking something to help you sleep?
    If not I recommend you have a kid. That will solve your sleeping problems. Lol I am just kidding!

    • I know it must be true of a lot of couples, but it still is quite frustrating. One of my exes I was in a relationship didn’t even have a job, so he was available all the time, but I just didn’t have the respect for him when I was working minimum wage being a dog groomer, and he was a phone call away from thousands of dollars.
      I can sleep damn good once I fall asleep, but sometimes if I’m not tired enough, my stomach bothers me, etc. I just think and toss and turn. Oh no, not the kid solution! I bet having a kid, or kids around, will just pretty much wipe you out when you get a chance to go to sleep!


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