Don’t you wish your vacation was hot like me?

I remember the last trip than man and I last went on. It was in Washington, D.C. for a bit, Virgina, and the weather was so hot it was unbearable. All we did was sweat all day long, walk and walk, and even at night the humidity still stuck around so it still was as hot as hell out there.

Sedona, Arizona, is generally pretty pleasant and cool. But, I’ve been checking out the weather and the whole week that we’re there it’s supposed to be in the 90s or so. We’re leaving this Sunday, which has me feeling that whole jittery, excitable, and really, this is happening? feelings going on. I started up a check list so I won’t forget to bring something with, but it’s a vacation… forgetting something is part of the plan! I always leave at least one thing I need behind, but hopefully this time I won’t need whatever I forget, if I do forget it, too much.

At work I’ve been feeling the burnout, and the general people just taking advantage of me and all that so I need a break. Sometimes you just need to get away from what you do to maybe come back with fresher eyes and a renewed strength to tackle it.

My mom is already trying to get me to commit to going to another trip during December, around Christmas time. I put the time in for being requested off with my work but it takes them months to give me the time off… which is mainly them just never coming across the piece of paper and blocking my time off for when I asked the time off. I’ll keep on annoying them until they do it though.

Here’s the plan for what we’re doing on the trip:

  • Red Rock Jeep Tour
  • Ghost Tour, maybe?
  • Train ride
  • Relaxing, relaxing… oh, yeah, relaxing!
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