When you’re exhausted and you just can’t hide it

Sarah, are you tired? Oh, no, of course not! I just got something in my eye...

I just love it when a manager calls me out on how tired I look. I think every time they do that it puts an extra 10 years on me. And, when the man calls me out on being so tired looking, it adds on another 20 years. So, luckily, both these times are rare because I hide how I’m feeling so well, except these rare occurrences.

And, whenever someone suggests that I should be giving out free chair massages I wish I could stomp on their toe. Or toes. Or whatever will give them the sort of pain chair massages give me because they are much more painful at 10-15 minutes of doing it than a regular table massage at 30, 60, 0r 90 minutes. I can use my body and oils to massage, doing a chair massage is just me squeezing my hands for all that time and hyper extending my wrist.

You dingbat, you. Damn people and their stupid ideas, how about they try and do some little chair massages and see how great they are feeling afterwards. Oh, what’s that? Not feeling great at all and your hands hurt? Exactly my point.

At least I’m somewhat busy tomorrow. Sometimes, it’s just better to keep me in my dark massage cave.

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  1. it’s frinday so it’s just natural. this morning at training i tried to take a nap while we were waiting on a late coworker and of course, our trainers noticed but oh well, it’s friday so all the accumulated stress from the week coupled by the anticipation for the weekend days off would really make you feel tired. thanks for posting!

    • Ah, Friday, the beginning of my hellish weekend and murder zone for two days straight, then recoup time on Sun. I believe Friday is just meant for disaster, but Saturdays are meant for like… an Apocalypse that doesn’t quite kill you every week. 😉 I think that may be why I feel especially tired on Saturdays, it’s the crazy Friday+Saturday combo+just a day away from my one day ‘weekend.’ Thank you for commenting!

  2. Sara Yori

     /  August 26, 2011

    I always try to hide my tired look when I’m with people. Even if I’m upset I try to hide it. I do it to the best of my abilities, but there are times that it doesn’t work.

    • Ugh, that’s like me too. Some people wear how they feel on their sleeve, me? I just try to cover it up and then let it all down and let it hit me once I get home. I hate it when it doesn’t work, it always frustrates me, I wanna be in control of it all the time but it’s not so easy as being able to snap your fingers and be just fine.

  3. We can’t be strong all the time…. Sometimes, it’s okay to have a bad day. 🙂

    • Very true, something I definitely have to remind myself from time to time. Just can’t be perfect, and sometimes, you just get worn down and every one has a bad day from time to time!

  4. People are dumb … case closed!


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