Honeymoons and Honey Moments

Sedona, Arizona

I’m going to be having a trip coming up in September where the man and I are going to Sedona, Arizona. I absolutely love Sedona because it’s just so beautiful with the red rocks. The way the light plays against the rocks, turning them a deeper, or lighter color, especially with even just the clouds passing by is just gorgeous. And, an experience to remember, just standing there, in silence, watching the landscape around you just become like a canvas and the sun being the paintbrush.

He has been to Arizona, but never Sedona before, so I’m excited to share it with him. Especially since it was one of my favorite places to visit because of the amazing views. Another favorite of mine was Puerto Rico, seeing the ocean for one of the first times in my life and this endless stretch of baby blue water and the white sands of Flamingo Beach. I became obsessed with collecting seashells, and couldn’t get enough of it. My family would be abandoned in the ocean for hours because they couldn’t keep up with me as I free dived to the bottom of where we were snorkeling so I could grab more seashells. I’m notorious for not staying with the group and my brother was thrown out into the ocean by my mom to find me and she told him not to come back to the boat unless if he had me with him.

My brother found me, but only eventually. I had my flippers on, and I’m a strong swimmer, but even stronger when I’m wearing those. There was this one time I went to free dive, and came back up for air, and unfortunately bumped into this older guy from the group by accident. He thought I was a shark and was scared out of his mind, I quickly apologized and went back to free diving.

My family only knew where I was in the ocean because my flippers would come together before I dived and it’d be a sign. Then, I’d disappear for several moments until I popped back up, gulped some air, and did it all over again. I’m not a surface swimmer, never have been, I love swimming on the bottom and have been doing that since they put me in water with pools. The ocean is like the biggest pool ever and with lots of fish to chase, I once chased after a pipe fish which looks like a straight seahorse but he got away from me. Even when the bottom was like 30 feet down I’d still try to free dive to reach it.

The man and I haven’t had too many vacations together. We’ve had Boston, where I had my lower back strain and I was miserable. Besides being in so much pain the entire trip I really enjoyed Boston and would go back there again for longer than a day trip. We had the Virginia trip, where we went to one of his relative’s weddings and decided to make a whole trip of checking out the area. And, well, that’s about it. My family has always been about traveling since I was a little girl, but with my job, and my career, I can’t do it so easily. We have to ask for the time off at least 3 months in advance, though generally I give them a 6 month heads-up.

Plus, I don’t get paid vacation. So, whatever days I take off… I eat the money I would normally make + tips so I see my paycheck when I get back and want to cry.

I’m excited by the thought of a honeymoon and what we can do. I’m not-so-excited about the money I’ll lose, the money I’ll be spending, and all that, but a honeymoon is a necessity. We are going to be doing it, it’s just a matter of what we’re going to be doing. A cruise? A trip… someplace? I’m planning to take at least a week or so off of work, and he’s been telling me the last few days we should finalize the plans. Our actual wedding we can’t get a date until December, because what with what we’re doing we can only get dates so far in advance. It’s a little frustrating, but I know I wanna shoot for hopefully sometime in April.

I’m just itching for a vacation. And itching even more at the idea of a honeymoon. I’m thinking a cruise, but I’m also wondering how they work too. Do you get cabin fever? Do you get sea sick for that matter? Will I want to jump in the ocean and go swimming even before they let me do it? It’s just that I’m a so not a planner, my mother and brother are though, so going to plan stuff stresses me out. The man doesn’t like to plan too much either, so we are quite a pair!

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  1. Awesome!!
    I hope you guys have fun!
    Vacation is always needed!

    • Awww, thank you! It should be a lot of fun, and I’m glad to be getting some more vacation memories with him and I and some time outside of work. Vacation is definitely always needed… to keep the sanity in tact, right?

  2. Well my parents have been on a cruise twice. They have never been seasick but they say you do feel the ship rolling and someone in their group did get seasick. They paid for the cheapest category of accommodation which was a tiny cabin with no window. They did not like that, and it’s not very pleasant if you suffer from chronic sinusitis either! The advantages about a cruise is that you get to see many different places in one vacation (although not very well) and on-board the ship it is VERY nice. A real treat.

    BTW Sedona just went on my list of places I wanna visit when I go to the US 😉 Enjoy your trip!

    • No one in my family has been on a cruise before, we generally fly to where we wanna go. I’m thinking, since the man likes very nice things, we will probably end up with a nicer cabin because when we’ve looked at stuff together he goes for the higher priced ones with the bigger bed and possibly a view. Me, I’d probably go for the cheapest category cause’ that’s how I work, but maybe not especially since he has problems with his allergies and I’d think that is like sinusitis and wouldn’t want him feeling bad the entire time. My fear is that when I go to someplace, I really want to experience it and explore. Not like, I’m on a time constraint and I better get my ass back over to the ship or else then they’ll leave me!
      Oh, you should totally check it out, it’s gorgeous! I can’t wait for my trip, I’m getting to that countdown mode. 😉

  3. Ooh, I can’t wait to hear all about it! I saw a little bit of Phoenix during my business trip to Portland, Oregon since I had a lay-over at the airport there… and the red mountains took my breath away. SO beautiful!

    • Yeah, it’s definitely something that even just a few moments of checking out the red rocks and the mountains it’s like, “Wow… this is gorgeous!” I’ll be sure to give updates when I come back and I’m going to try and take a lot of pictures and upload them too. You gotta check it out with your hubby, I always thought going there with that special someone would be super romantic because of the beauty around you, so I’m glad we are getting to experience it together!


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