No need to have a shit fit

As my family calls it, one of my clients, unbeknownst to me, had a shit fit while I was in the room massaging someone else. See, I am bent and determined to have this be a good retail month, dammit! I got my raise, so I gotta raise up my ‘goals’ so hopefully I can get another one…. and paid vacation. Paid vacation would be a huge benefit to my wedding/honeymoon and having that paid would give me one less thing to worry about. Like where is the money going to come from to replace my time I’ve had off when I do do the deed.

So, with this guy, I used this oil on his neck and shoulders to help loosen it up because it was like working on concrete. And, I know what you’re thinking, “a guy’s muscles being as hard as concrete, oh yeah baby!” No, no, baby, those muscles push me out and the pressure is increased and my wrists start to cry. The stuff I used on him really does have great benefits with pain relief, loosening up muscles in-between massages, and I swear by the stuff. It’s not like I had a whole arsenal waiting at the front desk for him for the front desk girl to recommend to him, just that.

He says to the front desk girl, “She showed me those f*cking products. I don’t want those f*cking products!”

Alrighty, Mr. Personality, no need to take it out on a front desk girl who is just doing her job. Plus, well, he was weird. Very strange. And I swear he tried to look down my shirt. I do not appreciate that one bit. And, he asked me if I was boss of everyone in the spa. Which, makes no sense. Why would I be the boss of everyone? He also said some other stuff where I was looking at him, tilting my head, trying to understand what he was talking about. So, that kind of perturbed me, especially since I’m just trying to do my job and I’m not throwing stuff at him I don’t use myself and love.

My arms hurt from massaging, and so do my wrists. I felt some pretty painful twinges when I was working and tried to adjust myself to fix it. The elbow needs to be a part of what I do, but mine is pretty pointy, and I just feel the pressure is too much and like controlling it is an issue. It’s just a thing I need to ice myself, and shake the situation off with the one client, but it’s easier said than done.

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  1. Best of luck with your practice and hope you will give best massage to your clients. You should also get massage too 🙂

  2. That is creepy.
    Do you get weird guys like that often?

    • I get weird guys occasionally, and I see guys not to often for massages. I was given a heads up by one of the girls that this guy was an odd ball so I was luckily kind of prepared for it.


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