You raise me up… so I can have more money (hopefully)!

So, the end result of the review, right? Well, first, the beginnings of it. A whole week of me feeling like crap and worrying about what to do about it, what they were going to bring up that I need to do, what I need to push myself further with, etc. I’m an overachiever when it comes to my job, my career, and what I do. I love my career and I’m always pushing myself harder, trying new things, without being asked. It’s cause’ this is what I do when I’m passionate about something, and every time, no matter if I’m hungry, or smelling food through the vents filtering into my room making me rabid hungry, I always try to give my full attention to the massage, what I’m doing, what their body is telling me.

You gotta listen to be able to hear what your client might need. Muscles tell you stuff, you just gotta have your mind a little clear to be able to pay attention to it and not be thinking about what you wanna do, gonna do, and all that stuff which is tempting to think about a lot of things when you just have spa music to listen to. And, of course, it’s tempting to think about things when you have a lot on my mind. Which, is always my problem since I over-analyze and over-think situations all the time.

My review was supposed to come after my lunch. But, I can’t quite eat before a review because I’m too anxious so I waited until afterwards. As we went through the different points, me reading the part, and answering it, I thought more and more this would be another time where I just don’t get a raise. The times I didn’t answer in the ‘always’ category it felt like I was really punished for it. So, next time, say I do it all the time, every time, no matter what, all that.

They asked the whole, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Which, I find a silly question. I don’t even know if I’m going to be living here, or moving to wherever the man moves. I don’t know if we will stay in the apartment we love, or have to find a new one, in a new place, with a new job for me and losing my family. I don’t think I want kids, and have never felt the clock tick for kids. Though, I know the man wants them, the clock is turning backwards and I just wanna be selfish and not have to worry about kids. So, I did a long, “ummmm.” followed by an even longer one as I stalled and eventually said, “Buy a house?”

But, I will let you know the results of the review…

I did get a raise! So, that will definitely help me out. Especially since I’m moving in with the man this week, and he ended up getting a raise too. Which is a definite plus, and I’m looking forward to being in my place and not living out of a suitcase like I have been for a year.

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  1. Congrats!!
    As I read in the beginning and read how you see your job… I was thinking she better get a raise or I will be pist!
    You are so passionate and that is so rare to find!!
    They should see that about you!
    Well I am glad you did!!

    • Aww, thanks for the congrats!
      I thought I’d just come out and say it, but then decided to prolong it a bit. You are so funny, and sweet, I do love what I do and I would think it’s not so easy to find too. I was pretty happy about it, and was dying to finally get one, especially since I’m moving in the man and contibuting to the apartment with some rent. I threw my hands up in the air and exclaimed, “Honeymoon money!!!”

  2. Congrats on the raise! 🙂


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