Words a woman never wants to hear: You look tired.

Besides, of course, the probably Number One thing she never wants to hear is “You look fat.” But, you look tired kind of made me want to crawl into a hole, while if I was ever told I looked fat, I might come at someone with my nub-like nails and start clawing at them. I dragged myself in after work yesterday and the man came to hug me, took one long look at me and said, “You look … tired.” He always says I’m pretty, and all that, so I’m thinking I looked like I got drowned in the ocean and washed up on the shore I looked so dead.

Which, of course, is true. I felt dead. But, mainly because my stomach had been unsettled, pissed off, and bothering me all day long yesterday. Add to that the air conditioning doesn’t kick in until 2 hours or so and I’m sweating like crazy and that doesn’t add well to the situation. You know when you are feeling sick, and the last thing you want is to have human contact with anyone? That was me yesterday. When I wasn’t massaging with a client and sweating over them, I was trying to hide in my massage room away from everyone. I was even thinking about telling a manager to just send me home, but yeah, you guessed it, too much of a whore for money to take that kind of pay cut.

Plus, too proud, and too stubborn to let it show how I felt. I’ve felt better since I’ve gotten my review from work and I know it’s because of my stress worrying about my review that has caused me to feel really unsettled and not feeling so great. I’ll tell you about the review later.

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  1. I think I’m the opposite of you. If I’m tired I would preffer people to notice so that I can spend a good ten minutes ranting about the reason I’m tired in the first place.

    • Yeah, that’s how I am when I get super angry I definitely rant and rave and don’t stop until I’m out of breath. 😉 But, when I’m feeling not-so-good and sick, I’m like an injured animal and I just kind of hide and try not to be around that much. Thank you for commenting!

  2. Awww big hugs to you…. The Man I know meant nothing by it. What is important is : Did he rub your feet? Did he spoon feed you? Did he watch all your favorite shows? Not his! Yours!

    • Awww, thanks for the hugs and love! As my mother loves to say: “Don’t be mad at him, Sarah, he doesn’t mean anything by what he says” which, she always seems to be asking if I yelled at him, which I never yell. He does rub my feet, and make me dinner. You make me laugh, the favorite shows I miss out on, but I’ll get dominance of the remote once I fully move in this week.


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