The end of a rainbow = Bills

There are some people who find the sounds of a thunderstorm relaxing. I will admit there is a kind of beauty to lightning, the unpredictability of it, the brilliant flash of light playing against the dark sky. Lighting everything for a second and then draping everything in black.

Thunder isn’t so relaxing. It isn’t even that enjoyable or welcome. Thunder was the reason why I woke up early this morning. I am not a morning person, in the least, even though just a few days ago one of the girls at work accused me of being a morning person. To which I laughed, shook my head, and admitted I stay absolutely still on my bed for 55 minutes and 5 minutes before I leave to work I stand up, brush my hair back into a ponytail, put on my uniform, and drag myself out of the door.

I’m also not very fun to be around with the man in the morning. I’m like an angry bear being woken up from my winter hibernation. I just grumble, snap, and try to roll over to hide back in the covers.

But, I have a strange thing with storms. My brother carries the same thing, he starts running around in circles, poking his fingers through the blinds and forcing them open. He’d pick out a funnel cloud from a tiny puff of black cloud, and extreme storms seem to get him more than a little anxious.  As a kid I’d be terrified and try to hide underneath something until the storm was done. I can’t fall asleep until a storm is over, it’s like listening to someone snoring, I just can’t tune it out. And, lightning is pretty to look at sometimes if you’re watching it out on the patio without being rained on. But, if you’re sleeping all those flashes of light is just like someone turning on the light to wake me up.

I can find the beauty in a storm. I love the after effects of a rainbow afterwards if the sun is peeking out during the storm just enough. I’ve seen maybe 3 ‘full rainbows’ in my lifetime and I always thought as a kid I could find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I’d try to chase it… for the longest time. Until I finally figured out that rainbows are an illusion, and well, like a mirage you just are not ever going to be able to touch it or find that damn leprechaun who is hiding that pot of gold from me. And, with having bills to pay, adult things to do, and my childhood slipping away, I have even more reason to try to find the end of a rainbow.

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  1. That was me but trying to go to bed Tuesday night. Stupid thunder!
    I am not a morning person either but whether its night or morning,,,, you dont wanna wake me up. My alarm clock is afraid of me.

    • I love that your alarm clock is afraid to wake you up! I swear mine is too sometimes. 😉 It just drives me nuts to be accused of a morning person when I hate morning so much I sleep it away until it’s afternoon on my days off.


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