I need to get my Chakras cleansed

Yesterday, I had put in my books this lady who got this massage and didn’t like it. Also, it was just missing something and so I was feeling quite nervous. I know the gal who did the massage and have gotten a massage from her too and I like her. She’s a no bull-shit kind of chick, what she says is what she means, so I can appreciate being the same type of person. So, to say the least, that got me pretty nervous. I know she does a great job, though her way of massaging is very different than me, she can pile on the pressure.

I studied for this massage.

Yes, you heard me right. I studied for it. It’s a complicated type of massage with more than 20 steps to it and so many different things you have to remember, from beginning to end, that is very easy to forget. It’s kind of like you either use it or lose it, and I so rarely get this type of massage so I need to check out everything and almost re-learn it so I can do the steps right.

Turns out she loved me. Go figure, right? I was so worked up about it that even though it’s over with I still feel worked up. The thing I never want to do is that I never want to disappoint anyone. And with my massages what really gets me upset is to have a client not enjoy what I do. Though, you can’t always win. This time I did win, but I didn’t listen to the man when he told me that things were going to be fine.  Of course, I freaked out, studied the papers on the massage for 2-3 hours before I went to bed the day before and obsessed about it until I finally was massaging.

It’s good to have it over with. Even though I believe she pre-booked with me, so I wrote very detailed notes so I can remember every little thing I did for next time.

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  1. Wow!!!
    When I got my massage I learned a lot by the way and the techinique of how they massaged. Its very technical. People don’t give it a lot of credit.

    • This type of massage is kind of weird, it combines energy techniques, ‘guided meditation’ (umm… had to research that…), deep tissue and these certain techniques you do on top of everything else. I have my own style I do with every ‘normal’ type of massage that changes with what my clients might need. So, to step outside what I normally do I have to keep reminding myself I’m not doing my own massage, but rather this one. Let alone, someone who is REALLY into this whole energy stuff and you got a long night of studying and hoping you don’t disappoint! People don’t give us too much credit, and don’t even get me started on calling me a ‘maussue’ or however you spell it. Makes my eye twitch!


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