When it rains, it pours

This has been a rather tough week, which is just not for me, but also for my brother. With his job he’s had basically like a reality TV show of COPS happening. Women fighting over chairs and threatening bodily harm, teenagers slapping each other, employees stealing credit information on property grounds and using it… meaning the police are coming the next day to arrest them for the crime. So, me and my mom come in to the rescue for him. We drove into the city and my mom got him something for dinner, we stopped at an eye place and got his glasses fixed. There was also an incident with this coach who told a 5-year-old that his junk was hanging out so he better put a sock on it.

Classy stuff. I feel sorry for my brother, and so did my mom, so we ran around and did some things for him and got him some food for dinner and listened to him rant about everything afterwards.

With my work I have had picky people up the ying yang. Now, you may be asking me, like the gals at work ask me:

“Sarah, how can someone be picky for a massage?”

I always thought people can’t really be picky for a massage. I mean, for a haircut you have to have certain things a certain way, nails you may have a preference, even estheticians have to deal with people who want to have their eyebrows waxed just so. But, I also get these people. They don’t want to put their head in the face cradle so I give them a pillow to rest on so that they aren’t even on the table and they don’t even attempt to fix that so I throw my back out with that. The pressure isn’t enough, is too much, I go to do a scalp massage and they have a complete freak out. Don’t touch my hair! Just DON’T. Touch. IT!

Whoa, alright, reign it. Another who wants this fixed, that fixed, wonders why I’m doing this after the massage, in this certain area, and it’s like… well, you had tension in there. Duh. I release tension. Duh. That’s why I massage and focus on certain areas and sometimes try to release pressure point areas especially where the occipital is (the back part of the skull) because that area can cause headaches.

On top of work stuff, which people who I can’t please really wear me down and I feel like I failed. I’m a bad therapist, which I’m not, but I take it as a personal hit. Then, my brother has me and my mom go with him to visit his other sister. Now, she isn’t my sister, it’s just him, but he kinda wants us there for support. We arrive and they are there (his sister, daughter, husband) in a booth only meant for 4 people. Talk about awkward, and I know my brother told them we were coming. To say the least, about the whole experience, it was something else and not in a good way. My mom ends up telling them I have an age difference between me and the man and the girl, the kid, who is not a kid now but a teenager ends up saying to me, “What’s wrong with you?” with a snide little curl of her lip.

And there was more said than that, but that’s just one of the things that went on. I went home, angry, and just got even more angry. I have come to the point where I just won’t deal with putting myself through a relationship where it is more self-destructive and you can’t find one nugget of goodness that is positive.

Now, I thought that the move thing may have been postponed, but he ended up emailing the lady who offered him the position with a bunch of questions about it and what it entails. He still hasn’t heard from her, but we will cross that road when we meet it.

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