Houston, we have a problem

This is kind of a weird, unsettled, unstable point in my life. At any moment I may be up-rooted with my husband-to-be and moved to another place… because of his job. He either will be here working, where I have lived all of my life, or moved to someplace I’ve never been to before. The idea of leaving my work, my family, and my few people who I consider to be friends from work is not only a difficult thought, but to quote him, a scary one.

I’m willing to look at it as an adventure, a new point in my life, if we are to be moved. We just don’t know what’s going on with us job, if he will be here, moved someplace else, if he will be doing the same thing, or making less. God forbid, the scariest thought is for him to lose his job. He’s the breadwinner, and I do kinda make barely enough to get by with myself, let alone me and him both. The only way I’m able to save money is I never get anything for myself, I write it down every penny I spend, and well… I’m a psycho about money.

This has always been in the back of my mind knowing that we may have to leave at a moment’s notice. It’s just yesterday it became more of a reality. He was offered to maybe take a position by one of the people who works outside of where we live. A opinion A and B, but each option meant that we’d have to go. Me and my mom were having a good time going to a natural food store that gives me jollies to check out and were at a big mall when he called. I just got this sweet little text from him so I thought he was having a good day himself too.

Like a ton of bricks, his words just hit me. He had an offer, by one of the higher-ups, and he explained the details to me. Even if he accepts this lady’s offer, it still doesn’t mean that he would get the job. If he would get the position, he’d be moving to that place I’ve never been to, but he’s been going every month and having meetings there. I talked to my mom about it, and she agreed that he should probably go for it. Where he’s at now he hasn’t even interviewed for his job position he has now, which his work is making everyone do. Everything is so up in the air, that at least this is an option and would have him in the same position he’s at now.

My career luckily is one which works pretty well with being up-rooted. Everyone, in every state, and even out of country, needs massage therapists. I have 3 years experience right now which would hopefully mean that I’m easier to hirer, or at least… that’s what I’m hoping.

But, it’s more than just getting another job. I love where I work at now, from my co-workers and fellow employees, to what I do, to my massage room which is huge, to the product that I use, everything. There are days I have a tough time, and bump heads, or it’s just rougher than usual. Yet, the truth of it is that I’ve spent 3 years with this company, through thick and thin, and still plan to work many more years with them. There is just one person at work who knows that I may be up-rooted at any time, but besides that, no one else. Though I love my work, I know if they knew I could be moved at any time, they’d probably be looking for another therapist just to cover their butts.

It is a business, so that’s why I keep every bit of my private life just that: private. I have friends I can trust at my work to talk about things in my life with, but besides that, no one has a clue and that’s just the way it is. I don’t like not knowing, I don’t like feeling like I’m up in the air and he is too. If he has to move I know my answer, yes, I’m being with my man. And I will make the best of our new life together.

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  1. I totally understand what you are saying.. Moving would be scary but also a fun new adventure.
    Just think.. you would be actually starting a new life with The Man.

    • I just don’t like the idea of everything up in the air. I’d just like to know if we are moving, what is going on with his job situation, and all the mumbo jumbo. But, he and I are just waiting and waiting. It could be a new life, and a whole new start, so I’m trying to stay on the positive with things!

  2. sorry to hear you are unsettled hope it sorts out soon

  3. Starting new life is always good if you are not happy with the old routine. It is always good to go and start a new life: best of luck for your new life 🙂


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