Odd Man Out

I hate feeling like I’m the odd man out. Now, you would think that I’d be more than used to that feeling. I’m more of a person who gets over looked, does not do well in groups, does not like to talk/bitch about her personal life, and all that. Today was a day at work where you basically try to get your hair super poofy and style it up as much as you can. To say the least, I do not have the capability to style my hair in any way, shape, or form. My hair resists styling and begins to deflate within moments that you try to do something with it. So, one of the gals went to work adding product, taking a comb to it and teasing, and repeating the process until my hair started to defy gravity… somewhat.

We have this contest going on for it, but my hair still fought the stylist and my hair kind of won. It slowly began to deflate and she ended up pinning it up into a crazy 80’s up-do style. The owner came in to laugh at her goofy employees who participated and to take pictures of us for the contest.

And… my picture she took looks terrible. I look like I have no eyes. they are so squinty, and you can’t see my poofed up hair, and it’s a really rough picture. While, two of the girls teamed up and retook pictures of themselves and I told them that I’d like a redo too. Do they listen? No. And, to top it off, I get told several times to get out of the photo because I’m watching them do this and sipping on some coffee. They just keep on taking pictures, ignoring me, and then run off and I’m left to look at the front desk girl next to me and shake my head. I just say, “I feel like I was just booted off the popular kids table…” Which, is why, I was homeschooled. And more than happy that I did that, because I never got along with any of the other kids and made it my mission in life at school to be by myself.

I send the picture to the man and he laughs. Why did I send the picture to him? I’m a dope, and he definitely lets me know the truth and can’t lie, so I felt even worse about the picture. He ends up saying that I’m still pretty, but I’m seriously thinking of asking the owner to take the picture off because I am looking… rough. And it’s just an awful picture and I look completely different. The whole being done up with the huge hair was interesting, but it was fantastic to pluck out every one of those bobby pins and could let my hair down. My usual routine is to pull it back in a ponytail and while I’m at work I’ll occasionally wet it down with water since I can’t use hairspray around the man. He just is way too allergic, which is why I’ve been reduced to Head and Shoulders Shampoo+Conditioner.

In the end, it was an experience, but I won’t be repeating it myself. It takes way too much time and energy and the bobby pins added together in one spot feel like pointy daggers digging into my scalp. No thanks.

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