Wedding where art thou?

I went into the city today to check out the areas/where I want to be married and what I’d have to do to get my marriage license and all that mumbo jumbo. I went through a labyrinth to try and find the place where they do the marriage licenses and then was lucky enough to find my way out. The thought passed me to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to try and remember where we came from. Those breadcrumbs probably would have been eaten up by a stray pigeon which would find its way in the building just in time to eat up my trail.

The place I’m planning to have the wedding at is very pretty, and works for me. I tried to check out what was around the area with restaurants to figure out where the ‘reception’ would be afterwards. We pretty much will go out for dinner afterwards and I’m trying to plan it close to where the wedding would be. Even though it’s a courthouse thing, and will be like badda bing, badda boom, with it, I still am trying to figure out how to please everywhere with the dinner.

Which, of course, I won’t. Even with it just being 10 or so people, you still can’t please them all. It’s obvious that I don’t like spending a lot of money, but I also want a nice experience with good food and a good time. Occasionally the thought of what to wear for the day crosses my mind. It occurs to me that since it’s a courthouse thing I can maybe get away with something casual, but I may find myself in a dress. Key word: may. I hate dresses with a passion, ever since I was a little girl I’ve tried to rip them off and the tights I was forced to squeeze into. It won’t be a white dress, because I look like death in white, and I don’t want to be traditional, but maybe something fun that shows off my wacky personality.

Note, it will not be a wedding dress, not a $1,000, $300, etc. Just a normal dress that doesn’t make me look like a monster in it. Or, maybe, a pant suite. The owner of where I work found out what I was doing, so she pretty much said that she wanted me to get my hair/make-up, etc. done at my work and have the girls work on me on my special day. The girls would probably have a near heart attack like the owner of the spa/salon if they saw what I’m going to wear. My thought is just to keep it nice, airy, fun, and springy with it.

I’m thinking I’ll make the invitations myself and maybe do some handmade stuff for the ‘reception’, though I don’t know what. There’s still time to figure it out, but it’s nice to have some things crossed off the list.

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  1. My sister paid for a wedding dress less than $200… $140 to be exact.
    The thing is you gotta be happy with your wedding… everyone has their own idea of a wedding.
    I am glad you are sticking to yours.

    • Your sister had my kind of wedding dress! The funny thing is with the whole wedding that the few clients who know about it all had their opinion on what I should be doing about it, when it should be, and all that. It’s funny cause’ some people really push their idea of what they want for a wedding onto you. But, I’m sticking to mine, for sure, and I’m a stubborn bull-head so they won’t get anything except a laugh out of me when they keep on pushing it.

  2. All weddings are beautiful… no matter how different they are. 🙂 It’s all about the bride and groom’s personal tastes and what they love! I’m sure that yours will be perfect!

    • Very true! It’s the experience of two people loving each other and coming together, so no matter the price tag, they turn out beautiful. Thank you, I’m hoping it will be perfect! Or, at least, that my family will behave themselves for it since they are trouble makers. 😉


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