So what’s up with that whole career you got?

Nothing gets me to appreciate some time off quite like picking up some days at work. I am so glad to be on my kind of ‘weekend’ off and have the two days off that I do to recharge and be happy to be at my work. Not like I’m not, and I’ve had some pretty good clients, it’s just that I need some recouping. I’m trying this month to kill my retail ‘goal’ I have set and hopefully beat it because in August we get our reviews.

A whole new 6 month numbers will be reset and I’ll be starting over, so I have to start off this whole 6 month number thing strongly with the one thing I can somewhat control. Which is retail. And even that I can try, and educate my clients on the retail, I understand the reasons they can’t/won’t/don’t want to get product. Hell, I’m impossible to get to talk into doing anything, and the worst to sell retail to when I’m on the other side of it.

I met up with my brother for a little bit yesterday and we were at dinner when he looked at me and asked me point-blank, “So… that job of yours with massage, when are you going to find a different career?” He likes to put me on the spot like that and question what I’m doing. I just told him that I love what I do, so what’s his problem? My brother likes to join sides with my mother and they both try to push me to go back to school (I have my associate’s, just not my bachelor’s) and to change careers. The idea behind it is that this career is going to wear me down physically and I’ll end up injuring myself and not being able to heal from what happened like when I got the lower back strain.

It’s why I work ‘part-time’, and why I work 4 days out of the week. While I love college, there’s no point in going back to it when I’m not sure what I’d use a degree for. That’s wasted money, and I’d have to have a plan before I would do it. They may both gain up on me, and I know the idea behind it, but that doesn’t mean they’ll win.

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  1. Your lucky … many people dont get to love what they do,
    You keep doing what makes you happy.
    And again, I wish I lived near you. I am so in pain… I need a massage!

    • I do love what I do, though I could be making more, etc. It’s something else to help improve someone’s day or just give them the break they’ve been desperately needing. I definitely will keep doing what makes me happy until my arms fall off pretty much! I’d rub you the right way, I make the pain go away! 😉 They don’t call me magic hands for nothing.

  2. I have my degree… so now I’m being pushed to get my Master’s. 🙂 Just proof that you have to do what makes you happy… because you’ll always be pushed to do the next big thing. There’s nothing wrong with working hard. But you’re right, it helps to have a goal or focus in mind. And if you’re happy doing what you’re doing now, then there’s really no harm in that. 🙂

    • That’s like with my brother, he has a Bachelor’s degree and has been thinking about doing a Master’s for awhile now. I kinda feel like the Bachelor’s is looked like an Associate’s and a Master’s degree has become the next Bachelor’s. You can always be pushed to do more and get that extra degree, but if it helps you in your career and stuff, I have no problem with it. But, when it comes to massage, a college degree is seen as a “Well… good for you. Where’s your state license?” I know there are other careers which need it, but I’m happy where I’m at, even after 3 years. This can just be so much fun to do and I love meeting so many different people from so many different walks of life. It makes me smile when I feel them finally relaxing. I just don’t like the gaining up, but luckily the fiancee is understanding about it and it doesn’t turn out to be a 3 on 1.


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