Bait me with some money and I’ll bite

First off, while I love to make money, I hate to feel like shit. Even worse than that is one of our tables which is hydraulic isn’t working and someone is going to put in the room today which I’ve dubbed ‘broken.’ And, me being the nice person that I am I’ll probably be pushed off into the broken room to break my back since the table is too low and there is no way possible to get it back up. They asked me to pick up today, and I saw dangling money in my face, tried to resist it, and then eventually just cracked. I took the bait.

I’m hoping maybe I can just be the first to be in the room and then refuse to move. But, I feel bad any way for whoever is working in that room and I do have a guy today so that generally calls for the table to be lower. Plus, Sundays are the only day me and the man have off together and last week he was gone on his business trip so I didn’t get to see him. On the days when I work I’m such a party pooper because I’m so tired that we don’t see each other much when I come home because, well, I go to sleep. Or, I start drooling on the leather couch and he ends up putting me to sleep since I’m incoherent and basically dead.

My mother loves to say ‘I told you so’ when I pick up a day. She did it yesterday and I couldn’t catch her before she said it to say don’t say that. Nothing like a little ‘I told you so’ to rub salt in an already open wound when you come home dragging your feet and looking like death. But, it was a couple’s anniversary surprise today to get massages together and I’m a sucker for that. This one therapist I couldn’t stand was either fired, or quit, which I say good riddance. She and I had a run-in and I like to think I’m pretty dang nice, but she definitely rubbed me the wrong way.

The man has been incredibly cute. He got me surprise ribs on Friday, because he knows I love them. He just kept on telling me he was getting something delivered earlier in the week for Friday, but wouldn’t tell me what. The man made me tacos for dinner yesterday when I came home half dead again. And, he’s making me breakfast today with eggs and, yum-o, bacon.

Alrighty, I’ll admit it… I’m spoiled. Don’t judge. I spoil him too, I just can’t cook and he can. I feel almost guilty with today, here I am abandoning him on our one day off we have together and he’s making me breakfast while I answer the call of the almighty dollar. I’m just very happy he doesn’t get mad at me for doing this, my mom gives me enough grief about it.

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