The Bare Bones of It

It’s quite an odd feeling to look around your room and to just see the bare bones of things poking out. I still don’t quite have everything moved over to the new place with my fiancée, but it’s getting damn close. The new apartment is awesome, with high-end spa shower which gets your back with 3 high-powered jets and after your done in the shower you feel so squeaky clean. It’s just fun to hop in there because you are getting attacked by water from all sides! I love our new place, it has all these cute little lights, tons of lighting features (which includes a remote to click on/off the mood lights in the kitchen) a jacuzzi tub too, a patio, etc. AND, a built-in walk-in closet system with cabinets, shoe racks, and so much space that I still haven’t filled it up.

It just feels like home. It has that ‘homey’ feel because we put away a lot of the stuff together. I decided where to put things inside of the kitchen while he worked on the T.V., we are figuring out where to put his paintings, and we had the king sized bed moved in last Friday. It’s like sleeping on a cloud, but for a high price though. Luckily, it was discounted 50% off so we were able to get it, since the man likes nice things and that includes a fancy mattress.

I’m used to sleeping on a twin bed which is a hand-me-down from my grandfather. So, yeah, I tend to go on the cheap side but we were trying out beds and we sat on this one we got and he petted it, looked at me, and said, “Can we get it??” I stared him down and then eventually gave a reluctant, “Yeah.”

I’m still planning out what I’m going to be doing when I move in completely and have my days off while he’s working. It’ll be a lot easier than when I was over at his place early in the week, he was working, and I had none of my stuff over there. There was only a few books to read, and a notebook, but none of my little crafty things, sketchbooks, and all my little project things I do. I’ve already pre-wrapped his presents for Christmas and a homecoming gift for when I move in. I gotta pre-wrap because I know how he can be sneaky like me and try to peek at his presents beforehand.

There are still a little knick knacks here and there I need to bring over, and the only piece of furniture I own which isn’t a hand-me-down. It’s this nice, huge crate which is pretty big and I like it, but it still needs to be moved too. I’m nervous, and excited at the same time, but it’ll be nice to finally not be a gypsy and traveling from one location to another. To have one place I’m rooted in and can call home.

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  1. Thats so freakin cute. I love the respect you talk about btw you and the man.
    I am so excited for you.
    In a weird way your life is just starting

    • Aww, well, thank ya! I’m excited too and see it as a different step, or page, in my life. I just gotta decide when it is I will be making the full leap. 😉

  2. I remember moving out of my house… Once I was in my apartment, it felt like home. But it was rough being in the bare bones left behind in a room I once knew as my bedroom, before I moved out. Change is always strange…

    • I don’t know if I can stand seeing my parents change my old bedroom after I leave. My mom has already made her claim on my closet and over time has moved more and more of her stuff in to make it hers. I’m sure this place will feel like home, and it will nice to have just 1 “place” instead of being a wandering gypsy to two places. Change is definitely a strange thing!


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