The great Moby Dick escape

I’d like to think that I’m a pretty simple person with some pretty simple needs. Food, smiling clients, people who met me at my work stressed out and basically ready to implode and leaving just with their sanity more in tact than they’ve had for a long time. And, well, fishing can be quite a heck of a lot of fun too. My mother ended up catching most of the fish, but that’s only because I end up putting the worm on the hook, taking the fish off the hook, and going back and forth so I ended up with my line out of the water or my mom bringing in my fish.

They were tiny fish. Pan fish, little bluegill that nibbled and nibbled away at our worms like it was a nice little free buffet. I caught one nice, big fish and he was giving me a fight and then fell off the hook. Seriously, I’m not lying, he escaped at the last second and swam into the deep abyss like the great moby dick!

There are these fishing snobs that don’t fish on the dock like we do so they were making little snide remarks about us catching pan fish that weren’t too big. What I say to them is that we may be catching pan fish, but I saw them catching nothing except catching a bad attitude. So, it was an easy, simple, day off with a trip to one of my favorite grocery stores (I have an addiction to frozen food) and getting a stock up on my snacks I like to bring to work. I’m one of those people you try to grab something out of my snack box and if I have a fork in my hand you better believe I’m forking ya.

I come from a family of scavengers. Dinner was a battle, like a pack of hyenas fighting over a kill. I’d be the last to eat and they’d pick off my food bit by bit until all of it was gone. It’s made me a paranoid eater and I tend to hover over my food and make a little body dome to protect it. But, we’ve calmed down our own scavenging tendencies so that helps to calm down your instincts.

No, I didn’t eat one of my fishies, I let them all go to be recaptured over and over again. One of these days I will catch my Moby Dick and the fishersnobs won’t be laughing at us!

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