Don’t tell me what I DON’T want to do

Nothing quite gets my goat like someone thinking they know me, what I want to do, and what I’m going to do when really they have no damn clue whatsoever. Someone I consider my friend telling me, “Oh, you aren’t sure what you want… you really don’t know that you don’t want a big wedding.” And, it’s like, well… think I know what I want. She then told me that, yet again, I didn’t really want a small wedding and I’d change my mind and there really is no point to having a long engagement if it’s a small wedding because why extend it out? Unless, well, you are just trying to get out of it.

Well, Dr. Phil, didn’t know that I asked your opinion on what I want, don’t want, and all that mojo, but I didn’t. So, that kinda got under my skin because don’t push your wedding wants, and all that crap, on me when you can do what you want and I’ll do what I want. That was one of my happiest days was my battle against my fiancee to get him to be swayed in my direction to have our wedding be microscopic. He has such a huge family that seems to multiply constantly and we would be severely lopsided. Plus, I don’t want all the attention, a wedding dress, stupid flowers, drama, and tons of this and that.

She seems to think that I’m just living in denial. That one day it will just click that, “OH MY GOD! I was wrong! I want to have a crazy big wedding, with giraffes, and lions, and gold leaf cupcake favors for the guests, and blah, blah…” No, that is just not me. I know who me is, but this is why I don’t go into the details of what I’m doing. Because other people’s opinion of what I need, want, and all that junk of what I should be doing with it is just not what I’m interested in.

Then, she bugged me about my engagement time. If it’s only a small wedding then why would I want so long to get it married? Why would I not just rush right into it and get it over with? Well, because getting married is not something just to get over with, and I just don’t want to get over with it. We got a honeymoon to plan, and I’ve always liked the idea of doing it in the springtime. Plus, my brother can’t get the time off in the summer, I don’t want it in the winter, so that gives you… spring!

Seriously, I don’t know why I waste breath talking. It doesn’t matter what I say, but don’t think I don’t know myself with what I want, always have wanted, and stop poking your damn nose in my damn business and even worse tell me what I do and don’t know.

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  1. People are dumb.
    You are right. Only you know what you want.

  2. i TOTALLY feel your pain! I get the exact same thing from people when I tell them that we’re going to have a small intimate ceremony instead of a big wedding, and it really hurts because even if i could convince my boyfriend who like you hates the drama and the attention, there is no way in this planet we could ever afford to have a big wedding! people really should be more sensitive and learn when they should shut the hell up!

    • I’m glad that I’m not the only one struggling with over bearing people when it comes to weddings, but sorry that you have to go through the headache of listening to people think that they know what is best for you and you will get that. Big weddings come with a BIG price tag and who has the money to spend on that besides everything else you need as a couple? I swear, some people are just immune to the “please shut up” look and that’s when you basically turn your hearing to mute when they keep going on and on. Thank you for commenting!


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