A Night Alone

There is something to be said about being with someone and having someone in a house even if you aren’t with that person in the same room. It’s why, when I’ve thought about the final long haul to move in I keep on dwelling back to a little critter walking around. Of course, this apartment doesn’t allow pets, which is both a [+] and a [-]. There is the benefit of not being bothered by someone’s dog or dogs barking, but then I don’t really have a little furry cat to rub up on me when Mr. Man is out at work and when I will be by myself.

He did a 5k mile walk for cancer yesterday. I’m so proud of him every year that he does it, and he raised over $2,000, which I think is amazing. He thinks that he could have done better and a whole team beat him in overall being the highest to raise money. He’s just being a party pooper, and wants to be the best with raising money even if a whole team is against him and he’s just one person.

This left me in the unique role of him being out of the house all day and me coming home to… myself. I took care of putting away the rest of my stuff, ate my food out on the patio people watching while I tried to be evasive to anyone from below spotting me. My work day was quite exhausting, though it could have been worse, so I knew I’d take a shower and definitely pass out. I have this one client who sees me every 2 weeks and she always seems to ask for more pressure. And, like a dope, I give it to her and push myself to the limits and, stupidly, don’t transition to my elbow to save my hands.

I know they tell me to use the elbow, I know it definitely gives my hands a break for a little bit, but out of 3 years of doing this I still don’t feel comfortable to use it on every client and mainly save it for my burly men who can ‘handle everything. So, here I am favoring my poor arms when I knew what to do to at least make it less brutal for me.

Oh, well, I always like to learn the hard way.

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  1. Dude I don’t know you do it. My hubs asks me to rub his back and I kid you not within the first few minutes I am in pain. My hands hurt!

    • You are much nicer than me, I just push my feet on more poor fiancee and then he ends up massaging them and I don’t massage him ever really… I’m off duty, don’t judge! Hands will definitely tire out if you don’t use your body to massage, I’ve nearly had my hands give out with chair massages.


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