Appreciation Feels Good

I’ve been packing all of my life away, box by box, and the fiancée will be moving into our new apartment this coming Thursday. I will be moving in after him about a month later. My mother has already begun her attempts to reclaim her lost bear cub before she loses me. She’s already told me that I can leave my clothes in there because I will be back, that she came back and lived with her parents weeks on end when she had a fiancée, etc, etc. Of course, my mother fully admits she was a trollip when she was younger. She was with one boy, then another, then another, she dated him, then his brother, then his friend, until she dated his entire inner circle.

Oh, and she also was never out of a relationship for a long period of time. She has always needed to be in a relationship, with a guy, even if she couldn’t stand the guy. I can just imagine her calling me when I move in, making sure she goes to one of my favorite places to eat, and then calling me as she eats and asking me, “So, what are you doing?” She’s done that several times and likes to rub salt in the wound, also acting like it is the most awesome thing ever.

I’m a little lot stressed out about moving. How is all of my stuff going to fit and his stuff fit too, where is everything going to go, what am I going to do with myself on my days off when he’s working, how are we going to transition into me being there full-time, all that and more. I know he and I will figure it out, that we will have moments where we need to do stuff by ourselves and taking a break from each other, and other moments where I will annoy him, or he will annoy me, about some OCD habit we both have. But, we’ll have each other, and I am really excited about that, but will admit I’m nervous too.

You may be asking why I’m up at this ungodly hour, which is actually because I have a meeting. For work. In the freaking morning, on a Sunday, so I’m trying to wake myself up so that I don’t fall asleep during it. I actually got something real sweet yesterday from one of the managers, a nice little card, and two products which I can definitely use. It was a complete and utter surprise, I kinda laughed and asked her why she did it, and she just said to show me that she appreciates me staying late, and working hard.

Like any worker I have my ups and downs with work, and am quite glad I can make enough being almost full-time to take 3 days off to reboot myself physically/mentally with it. I give a little too much of myself with massaging, especially on the weekend, but I find it’s all worth it when a client feels so much better or you can literally feel them taking their first, big breath of the day. I love this career, but it certainly feels damn good to be appreciated for it.

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  1. I think that managers often focus so much on the company itself that they forget about the people who make up the company. That’s awesome that your manager appreciated you! I’m sure it was earned and well deserved!!

    • Well, this particular manager is quite nice in doing little gestures like that to show the appreciation, which I definitely like. Thank you, she definitely surprised me with the card and stuff, but it was such a nice surprise… especially after 6 clients at an hour an massage, I hadn’t really left my room all day long!

  2. I missed you girl!
    Ignore your mother… I am sure she is a good person but she seems miserable with her life and wants you to be the same.
    Be and do what you love…
    I think I need to move where you are and get massaged by you!

    • I missed you too! I’ve been so crazy lately that I haven’t been able to get my thoughts in line to write anything.
      I love my Mom, but she is quite miserable, and you’re right, she does want me to be the same and doesn’t understand how I can leave her, but I gotta make my life with my fiancee. And I am definitely the massage guru, I’m the bomb-diggity at what I do! 😉


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