Sleep is going to be so over-rated

My mother is a party animal, a party beast, she always beats me with her partying ways. I may be able to dance until the moon falls asleep and the sun wakes up, but she certainly can outlast me when it comes to trips to Vegas. Last trip, which was last year, I was wanting to go to sleep at around 11pm-12am. There wasn’t much to do besides gambling my dollar and cashing it out if I doubled up and got $2, and she was going to have to pay for drinks if she wanted them.

She’s already got everything planned out from the moment we step off that plane. Where we’re going to eat, where we’re walking, what to do, down to the minute, scheduled stops and there will be no unscheduled stops. I think my fiancée is quite the planner just like my mom. I’m more of a… fly by the seat of my pants type of gal. Each day is pretty much unplanned and I do whatever I want when it comes to things and what I feel like doing.

With trips this tends to be the same thing, some of my favorite vacation times is me, off by my own, in the ocean grabbing as many sea shells as I can carry in two hands. There would be stops to drop off said sea shells to free up my hands but I’d dive back into the ocean, basically by myself, and start the search all over again. I am the worst swimming buddy ever because I am not a swimming buddy. My poor mom found that out when I was first thrown into the ocean and figured out how freaking cool it was. She tried to stick with me, but ended up with my father who kept trying to touch the coral even though he was specifically told not to.

With Vegas the ocean is replaced by a pool that is surrounded by probably horny teenager/college types and hoochies tramping around the pool with high heels on. Really? I couldn’t believe people wear high heels in the pool until I saw it, and I still shake my head. That is just asking for an accident and I’d be there right on the scene to point and say, “I told you so.”

My mother has already promised to hook me up with 5 hour energy so that I don’t disappoint her and I can keep up. Let’s hope my bedtime doesn’t get in the way of some Vegas fun.

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  1. Ha, ha. My mom has more energy than me sometimes too!


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