I gave up smelly things for you!

Don’t smell the flowers… you will never smell again if you do

I had a secret girly thing I was very much into that I gave up for the man…. and that was that I loved smelly things. Lotions, candles, and once I started working at my current work place I got even better smelly stuff: high-end smelly stuff. It was about in my teens that the addiction took hold, and the collections of lotions, candles, and all that started to grow. My mom got me into it, like many of my addictions/collections I have.

Then I hit a bump in the road, in the form of snuggle time with the man having to be cut short. He’d get too close to me, especially with my hair, and end up having trouble with his head, his nose would get stuffed up, and he’d generally just feel like crap. Our physical contact had to be limited eventually, because he’d just get sick. Not extremely sick, mind you, but just enough for it to be annoying and to have cuddle time cancelled.
Cuddle time being cancelled is not cool, not cool at all. Him sneaking in close to my hair was especially detrimental to things, and he told me that it was definitely my hair stuff that was a big part of the problem. Well, I didn’t just have hair product, come on there, I just bought the high-end hair products from my work which sells it for an extreme discount to employees. My hair was being lathered in loving, soothing, happy botanical plants, and it was the first time in my life I had both a shampoo and conditioner. I was normally so cheap I’d just say to hell with it and get the 2+1  hair/conditioner combo.
Thus, that it was what I returned to. Not just the dreaded the 2 in 1 combo, but Head and Shoulders, of all things. No, I do not have dandruff, it’s about the only things he’s not allergic to and he uses himself. Now, I went to get my haircut yesterday and I guess my hair is doing an extreme cry for help. There’s breakage, which may be because of crappy way of drying my hair which is by way of frying it with a super hot hair dryer. My hair is dry, which, mind you, is not so awesome for me because I have the rare, and unusual, virgin hair. There should be no reason for it to be anything but super happy locks since it’s never been touched by hair color and won’t be until my first gray hairs pop up.
Then, I will pluck those gray hairs at first and eventually color them when they keep sprouting out from my scalp like unwanted weeds. So, there will be sacrifices in a relationship, but I’ve already told him my face products are staying. I just can’t give them up,  and luckily it doesn’t seem to bother him as much as my hair products used to when I used the fancy stuff. And, now I have to endure being ridiculed at work for using Head and Shoulders.
All that and more just to have some sweet, sweet, snuggle time.
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  1. Awww the things we do for love

  2. Yep, the things we do for the men we love. 🙂


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