I’m a big girl now

There have been moments which have defined me as being strong, being true, and standing my ground. With me having an overbearing mother and a father who can’t stand each other, and luckily I have a brother who is there for me when I need it. Not giving my money for the loan (which she currently has over $30,000 in her bank account, she got half of her 401k because the $5,000 loan wasn’t paid for in full). And, of course, the epic ‘I need/want a lap top now!’ encounter my brother and I love to reenact now and still can’t get over how she dragged me through the dirt with that since I didn’t do what she wanted.

I packed up one crate of stuff, which included all of my canvas supplies and everything I needed for that except for my paint, which I can’t seem to find. I don’t think I’m moving everything in, some of it will go into storage, such as my plastic horses and a few other things. The feeling of moving, of packing your possessions, looking at how much you own and seeing it in a matter of 4-5 crates is always kind of surreal for me.

It’s a kind of weird eureka moment, “Wow, here’s what I add up to, what I’ve collected in all these years. What defines me is… 5-6 crates.” I’ve never been a stuff person except when it comes to journals, books, and face care products. Besides that, not too much else, I don’t tend to buy much and prefer not to get anything for me for as long as I can. I don’t have any furniture I’m bringing along with, except a crate I really like. And, well, my massage table.

With this place I want it to feel like ours. The last apartment didn’t, but this is because I had no hand in placing things, and the only part of the apartment that feels like mine is the one bookcase I put all of my stuff on. I really want to hang up a couple of my paintings, put some feminine touches on things, and I’m excited to be a part of starting anew with a new place. The word is we still haven’t heard back about the one apartment, and I don’t see a problem why we’d lose it.

There is so much that needs to be done this week and the coming week. Next Sunday I will be going to Vegas… oh, yes, you heard it right. Vacation! So, right now the whole moving and packing is taking a backseat to packing up for my trip, I need to get my hair cut, which feels like it will be impossible to get in with where I work to get that done, and get myself a nice little bikini max. I’m already trying trying to plan up my next vacation which would probably be with the man around in Labor Day. He and I have to plan for the wedding, but everything is pretty much covered, we’re just having his mom, my mom, his sister, my brother, and just immediate family. 

Of course, when it gets down to the line of our wedding date, which I’m thinking will be late April of next year, there will be more to do. But, with so few people being invited it should make everything so much less of a headache to not have a thousand details to go over and worry about it.

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  1. I now would like to sing the Jeffersons Song … Moving on Up! To the eastside! …. thats all I got

    • To live in a deluxe something something in the sky, right? So, yes, I’m moving on up!


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