House, er, Apartment Hunters

Me and the man have been tracking down apartments and last Sunday we hit a frustrating road block where, for me at least, I was really kind of overdone with the apartment searching online. He and I are worrying about where we will go since it’s only a month or so until we have to move out. We checked out an apartment yesterday which was super cute and seemed to fit everything we needed… except for having laundry in the unit and it’s a coin laundry, but besides that it’s pretty cute.

We made an offer on it but we haven’t heard anything back. I really hope that we get it just so that we know which place we’re going to be and we don’t have to worry about where to go, seeing stuff together since our schedules are completely different, how much its going to cost a month, if utilities are included, and all that hub bub.

I’m thinking about when I move permanently in, and of course I’m nervous, but excited as well. I’m looking forward to the next step and coming home to him, and him coming home to me. And I know we will have rough days, weeks, where we will be tired and run down. But, it makes my day much better having him in it and I’m excited to be heading somewhat on my own too. I can spend my time in the day as I like it, instead of keeping my mom company and screwing around every day until 8pm or later because she doesn’t want to run into my father.

I just want us to never take advantage of each other, and I want to appreciate him for everything he does.

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  1. I am so excited for you in taking the next step… congrats girl!

    • Thank you very much! Just gotta get all the stuff together and all that, and make sure we have a place to go to.


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