You can’t please everyone

I.hate.moving. Yes, I’m sure that everyone can agree with me that moving is a huge pain in the ass. I am getting a little over kill with apartments, where to move to, what we’re going to do. And you know what also sucks? Is having a bad review written up on you, on the internet, where they don’t even explain why you are just ‘ok.’ Why your massage is just ok, and they go off on you and everything even though they never once said anything that you needed to fix. And, I shouldn’t take offence with it, because I didn’t do anything bad, but you still take it hard.

But, whatever, you can’t please everyone.

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  1. Dude… I know what you mean. Sometimes when it rains, it pours!
    I myself have been getting stuff I normally dont forget and getting in trouble for it. They aren’t accepting I left my brain at home!

    • It has been pouring, but I think the month of the May should be better… I am going to Vegas! I know, the whole left my brain at home excuse never works for me too, we’ll have to find a better one!


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