Lay me an Egg to eat

Easter is always that kind of out of place holiday in my family. Thanksgiving consisted of going to a nearby McDonald’s most of the time, Christmas got my full attention with gift giving, and Easter, well…. Easter I never quite got as much chocolate as I could out of Halloween. The houses I trick or treated hesitated to give me candy with a dubious look as they asked, “Aren’t you a little too old to be trick or treating?” I was asked this question even when I was 12 years old or younger, my mother liked to dress me up as a ‘french trolip’ with heavy make-up and teased hair.

I find all holidays to be an inconvenience for going to restaurants, because on major holidays all restaurants are closed. Except for McDonald’s, and a handful of other fast food places. We are definitely the scavengers of fast food in my family, hell, my mother doesn’t know how to cook and neither does the rest of my family. So, we need to go someplace if we’re going to get substanence and we have to make by on that one brown bag meal.

My family also told me there was no Easter bunny very quickly so they wouldn’t have to get me Easter baskets filled with candy. I get kinda jealous of these kids where their parents let them live the lie of there being an Easter bunny and they get to reap the chocolate-y rewards of the parent’s deceit. I just recently came across these parents who had enough candy to feed an army and enough plastic eggs to probably bury their kids in them. As the mother fretted out loud whether or not they bought too much candy I couldn’t help to ask, “How many kids do you guys have??” 

Of course, before I said this I stated you can never have too much candy. But, as they kept on unloading pile, upon pile of it I began to imagine an army of 20 or so kids waiting to battle over who found the most. The husband admitted that some of the candy was his, but I still couldn’t imagine the type of stomach pain those kids would have after consuming their prizes.

Or, maybe it was jealousy getting to me. This year Easter is raining on my birthday parade. I love to go to this one place every year for my birthday since I was a girl and my family was planning to do that this year but it’s closed because of Easter. The fiancée wanted to take me out this week for my birthday too but what with work and all that I’ve been too tired to go out and just want to stay in. We luckily came prepared  to face the restaurant shortage of Easter, him and I, since he got some groceries yesterday. My family will have to drive around looking for that rare brown bag to feed themselves.

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  1. I’m still trying to find out where the Easter bunny came from.

    • Yeah, right? I think it’s some kind of pagan symbol, but I still get how it sneaks into the Holiday. I don’t care as long as I get some chocolate!


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