Walking is Over-rated

I did the whole walking thing for my work and totally regretted it. My ankles were killing me the day of and the next day which I had to work. I did 3.5 miles or so and was moving pretty quickly, so I ended up going home, taking a haf an hour bubble bath, taking a nap for 4 hours, and then being a huge crab.

Of course, I attacked the fiancée and went psycho on him. I just wasn’t feeling well. I was so incredibly hungry when I woke up that I was in that manic hunger stage where you’ll just snap at everything near you because you might possibly chew their head off for sustenance. He was just confused as to what to do to help me feel better, which made me feel worse because he was trying to be helpful.

This has been one of those weeks where he and I don’t see each other and then when we do see each other we are both so tired that there isn’t too much ‘special’ time between the both of us. I’m worried about his job because it seems like people have been quitting, and are getting fired, left and right. While this is a common thing with my job to have people leave, it’s not so common with his. There is a company take over happening and two companies are merging into one, so there can only be so many people who keep their jobs. We may also have to move if he does keep his job, so this not knowing thing isn’t good.

I worked almost every single day this week, and the Sunday walk that we had to do for work was the last bit that seemed to push me over the edge for that day.

It’s going to be another week or so before I decide to pick up more hours again. A lesson has been learned at least for this week that I should probably take it easy and then the temptation of extra money will come a calling for me.

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  1. OMG poor you.
    Yeah thats why I dont exercise!

    • I hate exercising so much! I totally agree with you, my favorite kind of exercise is window shopping and then taking a break from some coffee when I get tired. 😉


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