A Good day Defined

I am a pretty simple person, so simple that happiness for me can just be window shopping all day, spending nothing, and most of the time getting nothing on my long trip. There was this kinda crazy client recently that wouldn’t stop talking and asked me within the moment that I walked in what my ultimate wish was. What I wanted above everything else, a different career, a certain material possession I’ve been yearning over, something huge.

My response was to laugh and kinda shake my head. She did not let it go. “I’m trying to help you out, girlfriend! What is your wish you want the most? You want to lose weight, right?” She asked the last bit later on in the massage, which I personally did not enjoy her asking. I’ve lost a good amount of weight, will probably always be insecure with my body, and I do not need a tiny gal from California to insinuate that one of my desires must be to lose weight because God knows how I look in that Spa coat. I try not to look at myself too much in the mirror with it on, the fiancée seems to find it sexy.

Guys and uniforms, go figure, I feel like a big, bad, plastic bag with it on. I assured her that I had everything I possibly needed in my life. I don’t care about electronic things, love my career, even if it’s hard, I think she was asking me because she was unhappy and wanted to hear me say the same. Turns out she hates her career, wants something Martha Stewart-est, has crazy people she deals with, doesn’t have enough money, spends it all, has a boyfriend that she ended up rating a 7 in dealing with him. She wanted to help me out with the weight loss thing, suggesting that I drink stuff without ice cubes to lose weight.

Which makes no sense… I believe having cold drinks makes your body expend more calories because it has to create energy to heat up the liquid. I just let her keep talking though, and breathed a sigh of relief when the 30 minutes was over with. She didn’t stop talking to even take a breath, and it was all very random stuff, which always kind of weirds me out. It’s not cool to randomly say that you don’t take drugs and can’t even pronounce marijuana… when you easily pronounced it.

But, I had a very good day today just hanging out, going to a healthy grocery store, shopping around a mega huge mall, and my mom ended up getting me a wallet and a purse for my birthday which is this next week. And, they are just my style, super cute, and just what I wanted, so I’m excited. The fiancée doesn’t quite get my whole reasoning with shopping.

Shopping without buying? I think he seems to have the thought of, well, hell, what’s the point? You go to someplace to get something, right? You need milk, groceries, some clothes, etc. so that’s why you would shop… or, so that’s how most people work. But, not me. I love the whole thing of walking around, walking into a store, looking at it on the fly, moving to the next, and never letting my credit card meet the air or be brought into the outside world unless I really need something.

My mom gets it though, we shop around pretty well together. Well, until she starts clothes shopping, I just cannot stand clothes shopping. That’s when, as a kid, I’d just sit down on the ground and imagine myself somewhere else while she’d click hangers above me. I just can’t get into it! And I whine in that voice moms hate of, “Mom, mom, mom, mom! Come ooonnn! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!”

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  1. Ha, ha. I have to admit that I LOVE clothes shopping… But I also enjoy window shopping too! It’s just fun to get out and walk around. Oh, and people watching is always entertaining as well. It sounds like that girl was jealous of your ability to love the simple things of life and she wanted to ‘fix’ you as apposed to look at her own insecurities. Don’t let her bother you! 🙂

    • Ohh, do you do the same thing where you just grab something to drink (probably some coffee) take a good people watching seat and just watch everyone around you? I love it too! It can be lots of fun to window shop, my girls from work don’t quite get how I can do it though. And that lady was super crazy, she just yammered and yammered about the most random stuff. I ended up kind of listening to her like background noise. 😉


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