Slap on the wrist

I hate slaps on the wrist. Hate. them. I hate being called in for something into the office for something that obviously there are a ton of people who freak out more consistently than I do and the one time someone, or something, gets under my skin there seems to be a manager to witness it. It’s like clockwork, the 1 time I do it every once in a blue moon they are there to witness it and give me a tug on my ear for something that I don’t even get the point of it. That is just me being a service provider and not wanting my client to experience less of a service because of something/someone and it’s beyond frustrating.

I need to get over it, but seriously, this may be a while.

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  1. OMG this my life. For instance I always go the speed limit. However the one day I forget or am not feeling good, I get pulled over for speeding.
    It fumes me too!

    • I absolutely hate that too! I don’t exactly get caught driving, but I swear every damn time a lose a bit of my cool at work there’s a manager there to wag their finger at me. It’s just messed up to get caught, I totally agree! Especially when you’re so good every other time.


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