Commitment and me

Very cool seeds

Commitment and me have a funny situation… well, I don’t like it too much. And, well, it makes me nervous and I certainly have to think a while to do something. For me to commit to buying my car and spending money on it caused me a near mini-stroke, through I needed it and in the end the brand new car that I got I do love. His name is Snowball the car, but to spend that amount of $$ was quite stressful on me.

I remember one of the sales people coming up to me, all excited, saying, “This is going to be your first car?? You must be so excited!”

To which I growled, barred my teeth, and replied, “Yeah, I’m really excited to be spending god knows how much money on gas, balancing a car loan on top of my student loan and all of my other bills too. Yeah, can’t wait.”

To say the least, the guy backed away from me with a scared look on his face because I was both dripping with sarcasm and super scary at the same time. So, when the fiancée and I went shopping for king mattresses I couldn’t believe the prices. And, knowing him, he needs to have some super fancy mattress which is what it turned out to be. We both found something, but it was super expensive, so I got some cold feet. As we drove from one small mattress place to the next, trying out cheaper mattresses, I knew the one he loved would be the one.

So, I sucked it up, and not so enthusiastically said, “Alright, let’s get the damn bed.” We won’t have it moved in until when I move in, which is probably around mid-July. I will pay for 50% of the bed and he pays the other 50%, but it was about a $5,000-$6,000 mattress reduced down to 50% so that is a pretty awesome deal. And, while I can sleep on a stupid twin bed like I have been since I was a kid, he needs some high-end living and if it’s going to be a bed for the both of us I want him to like it too.

I take a huge step for myself, since the last time I spent that much money on something was my car. But, we need the extra space when we’re sleeping together because I am a bed/comforter hog and I hate pushing him out of the bed because of my selfish sleeping habits. He knows better than to share a blanket with me, but I still think that my tossing and turning doesn’t help things. When you’re used to sleeping by yourself it can be kinda hard to share. Hey, I’m working on this whole sharing thing, I’ll get it eventually…

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