So nice to have a breather!

Work has been crazy nuts, I’ve been working 9 hour days the past few days and yesterday was actually a 10 hour day. The fiancée is on a business trip right now so I haven’t been able to talk much to him. The little bit I have talked to him has been limited because I’m incoherent and make probably no sense on the phone.

My brother got home on Monday and so I’m very happy to have him back. Turns out this German girl, that was his girlfriend and he was head over heels about, fought with him from day one, and ended up sleeping with this guy from a bar so my brother threw out all of her stuff which she had in the hotel room and said they were through. This is when me, my mom, and the fiancée come in to change his flight from coming back Wednesday to Monday. He got business class for both flights, since he flew standby, and was at least lucky about that.

And, I haven’t really seen my brother since he’s come back. He’s angry, heartbroken, but at least he got back safe.

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