Must be Nice

I love how when I describe my annoyance with being sent home with the fact that I only work 4 days out of the week gets a, “Must be Nice.” Then, it’s thought, because of the ring, that the fiancée has a ton of money too…. uh, no, he doesn’t. So, they look at me with jealous gleaming in their eyes and I just want to roll my eyes in response. The reason why I can make it on 4 days of income every 2 weeks is because I severely budget myself.

Hell, if I went out to buy myself new clothes, shoes, whatever food I wanted, if I went out to eat every single week and did it several times and got whatever I saw, my savings, and my means to get by, would be gone. Excuse me I wasn’t dumb like both my mother and father and depend on credit cards like it was free paper money that never had to be paid off. I physically can’t do this job for 5 days, today I’m just as sore as ever because I did too much the day before. I took a hot bubble bath yesterday, shower, and used my ‘oh please take pity on me’ eyes on the fiancée so he could rub my arms.

I also got locked in the garage yesterday so I completely freaked out. First, I called up the fiancée and he didn’t know what the heck to do. Then, I call up my work, frantic, and say how they need to send someone over to pick me up because I need to work! It was a fully booked day and I couldn’t be late, so I call up one of my aesthetician girls and they make their way toward me. Later on, I found out she was going the wrong direction to pick me up so that would have been a wild goose chase.

The landlord shows up, fiddles around for a little bit, and gets the garage door open. He says to me, “Oh, it was real simple. You just push it up!” I give him the death stare and said I already did that. And pulled the latch to get it off the track but it still was catching when I tried to pick it up. He asks me, “How are you?” I say, well, duh, I’m stressed, need to go to work, a girl was sent to pick me up and she now has too turn around, and I need to get my ass out of here so I’m not late. He luckily stops talking after that point and I sped to my work to get there in time for our pre-work talk we do every day.

The fiancée just laughs at me. Of course, when the fire is gone and I have survived and what I’m freaking out about is fixed. Which I guess is a good thing, because while my world feels like it’s crashing in those episodes, he stays relaxed, calm, cool, and helps to ground me somewhat… depending on the situation. I don’t like freaking out, but I had to get to work and hated being powerless to change the situation. The fiancée just looked at me and laughed when I told him how I called up the owner of where I work and demanded to send someone to where I live because I had to go in to work. He said, “I love you, honey, but you are not normal.” I guess most people would call it a freebie day off, not for me, I was super booked and clients = tips.

 I got a little something for the girl who tried to save me from the situation and who was going to pick me up even though she never did pick me up, it was awfully nice of her to try and come over and do that for me. One of the massage therapists I don’t normally work with on that day stacked up my room with sheets, so that saved my neck too.

I’m hoping I won’t get trapped today, I ended up parking in a different garage. If it happens again, I swear, I’m gonna go bonkers again!

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  1. Ok that’s kinda funny. I would have freaked out to cause I am easily freaked… but its now a great story to tell right?

    • Yeah, the fiancee thought it was hilarious after the fact! It is a pretty funny story now, but in the moment, I lost it!


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