The Price of Justice

I’m back on Cheaters… don’t judge. I just love the cases where the guy/girl gets caught literally with their pants off and they still scream, “Baby, there was nothing going on!” “Your pants were off!” “Yeah, well, nothing was happening…” This episode deals with a cheating husband who is screwing around with the baby sitter and I’m pretty sure the wife catches him without pants on, underwear is pulled down, but yet he still has a button up shirt…

My mom always says that my brother was conceived on St. Patrick’s Day. That she actually knew when she was with my brother’s father that she was pregnant that night. I’ve heard this quite a few times, where someone will do the deed and will get pregnant, and later on they would say that 1 night they would know they were pregnant even before they take a pregnancy test. She didn’t say the same about me, but every time she went off her birth control she got pregnant within 3 months.

My brother isn’t Irish, but he’s rather Swedish, and a few other things. He’s most proud of being part Swedish, and has gotten Swedish food and just loves it. My brother and I used to fight each other all the time, but now that we’re older I definitely do appreciate having him. There’s only one other person who understands how my mother works, and that’s him. He’s going to be going to Germany to visit this girl who is his girlfriend but he only spent 2 weeks with… yeah, I’m hoping this goes well. He’s head over heels for this girl.

I’m part Irish, English, Scottish, and German. Though I’m part Irish, I’m not a fan of beer whatsoever. Just can’t stand the stuff, the taste, the look of it, everything. I’m more of a Vodka and hard liquor kind of girl, wine, etc. I never wore green to school, I don’t think that I look too good in the color green, it’s kinda like the color red. So, while all the other kids would wear some kind of green, I’ wouldn’t and would get pinched or made fun of.

And, my brother didn’t end up protecting me with bullying or anything like that because he’s quite a few years older than me. We were never at the same school because I’d be in grade school, he’d be in high school, and when I was in high school I ended up being homeschooled while he was in college. And, who knows how many fights we had, and every time my mom would tell me just to walk away. It’s kind of hard to walk away when he’s got you in a choke hold, but it was always my fault for ‘falling for it.’

Luckily, we don’t get in those sibling fights anymore and we’re older, a little more mature, and he’s one of the first people I call when my mother’s doing something insane.

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