Rough Day

I had myself a rough day at work… one of my clients got a nosebleed during the massage but didn’t know about it, so ended up bleeding everywhere. Another jumped on top of the table before I could do a consultation and then continued to twitch the entire time as I heard her thoughts bounce around as I massaged. She definitely didn’t relax the entire time, and I can’t relax that well if my client doesn’t end up taking a deep breath and just take it easy.

I also had some other things happen, which added up to be a rather tiring and annoying day. I am pretty happy I am not working for the next two days.

And, I must say, everyone seems to have their opinions about what I should do about my ‘wedding.’ And when I should do it, and where I should do it, and whether it should be a destination wedding, and why am I waiting so long if I’m just going to a courthouse? Well, because I want to, because that’s what I want. Is this your wedding? Oh, no, it isn’t? Well, then, maybe you should plan your own wedding and I’ll go ahead and keep on planning mine.

I think people are trying to helpful, or something… but yes, I have a plan. And yes, since I was a kid I’ve planned to do something like eloping or something extremely small. Rituals make no difference to me. I don’t need to have my day and wear a dress, get my hair done, be walked down an ally, any of that kind of stuff.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my plan wasn’t to fall in love. I was planning to turn into a crazy cat woman living by myself. But, I knew when I came across the fiancée that I liked him… a lot. I fell head over heels for him within a short amount of time, yet I still remained guarded. He just helps to ground me when I go crazy for some stupid reason, he makes me laugh when I’m having a hard time smiling… and massages me when I’m sore. Now, that’s the best! He’s very goofy, big-hearted, and quite the kid. While I’ve felt like an old soul since I was pretty young. So, even though he’s older, we kind of even out.

Plus, he puts up with me, so he’s gotta be a saint.

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  1. Soon you are gonna have to post a pic of you and the man.

    • But, but, then I can’t be anonymous! Well, maybe I can photoshop it so that we look like shadows or something, or play with it in paint. We’ll see! We are a pretty cute couple. 😉


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