Pin the sperm on the egg

The baby shower was a fun time and I think that the gifts I gave the gal were well received… at least I hope so. She got some really cute stuff, itty bitty clothes, a jeep kid car, cloth diapers, books, etc. There was also this super cute like a science project of an egg with her picture in it, and little sperms that had her man’s face on them. So, I’m guessing the concept of it was like pin the tail on the donkey… except you spin around, hold a sperm in your hand, and try to pin it in the egg to create a baby!

I stayed for as long as I could. But, I didn’t get to play the game. The hostess who was a hair stylist I work with had little prizes for getting the sperm closest to the egg, which was pretty dang funny.

Finding the place was not the easiest, the fiancée gave me the wrong directions so I ended up at this house which obviously had a party going on. I went up to the house, away, up to it, away, and then finally there was this dog let out of the house that was a white, fluffy Eskimo dog and I headed in my car after that.

Nothing quite freaks me out like getting lost. As I kid I’d get separated from my family and freak out because I couldn’t find them. Well, that innate fear of losing my direction or not knowing where I’m going is like an extreme phobia I have. That’s why when I drive I only go to places that I’ve been before. But, I really do like the baby shower gal and so I got lost and survived the swarms of baby crazy girls from work. It was kind of like a reunion all of us being in one space, there were people from both locations (I only work at one) so when all of the people from my location left I ended up leaving too.

There was some gawking at the ring, and I tried to hold my hand ‘correctly’ so they could see it. I just don’t get that I’m supposed to position it in a certain way, and I don’t seem to be able to show it in right way. I’m getting questions here and there about what I’m going to do and I tell them the truth: I’m going to a courthouse, having a reception, it’s going to be super small.

My mother’s family is small… well, who am I kidding? Non-existent. That isn’t exactly true either, my mother got a call today from a lady who takes care of my mom’s great-aunt. She is my grandfather’s only sister, the last of her family that she knows is alive.  My mom was actually named after this woman. The great-aunt is from New York and is about 89 years old, and I guess the call was for my mom because her great-aunt isn’t doing too well. My mother doesn’t have any uncles, cousins, her mother died when she was young and her father died a few years ago. I know it’s affected her with this call and she’s immediately closed herself off and has the nice, tough shell on that she wears so nicely to keep people out.

I’m like her and I know I am. I know I weather through everything and keep within myself especially when things aren’t going well. The fiancée has to drag me out of my shell sometimes because I don’t like to talk about things, I just want to take things on my own and deal with it by myself. Throughout my entire life But, I know I have to rely on the fiancée, so I’ve tried to get myself to be more open when something affects me. Of course, the same can be said about him too, he tries to ignore things and pretend nothing is bothering him, so sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get him to admit what’s bugging him.

I don’t like to rely on anyone except for myself. It’s a hard way to live, but I can’t trust anyone to be there and I mainly just trust myself. Though, like I said, I’m trying to get myself to rely on the man. It’s just not the easiest to do when you’ve been alone all of your life, you push away people your close to, and you got trust issues up the ying yang.

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  1. I think I would have totally been weirded out by that game! 🙂 And I HATE being lost too!! It’s not so bad if I have a friend with me, but if I’m alone and lost, I freak out!

    • It was an odd game, to say the least! And it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who gets super anxious getting lost… I keep my head with any other situation but getting lost just doesn’t work!

  2. This really WAS an odd game. I would have been scared out of my mind if I was lost like that. Great blog!!!

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