Now you know, and knowing is half the battle…

So, I told everyone at work this Sunday about the infamous Mr. Sparkles and I wore him to our bi-monthly work meeting. I took aside one of my estheticians who I didn’t get a chance to tell beforehand and cornered and showed her the ring. She was pretty shocked and realized I’d be telling everyone. So, with my gloves off and Mr. Sparkles bare to the world I stepped in front of all the girls, said I had an announcement to make, and brought out Mr. Sparkles for everyone to see.

To say the least, there were some shocked faces.

Well, I told everyone it had been 4-5 months since I had been engaged and I still hadn’t told a soul, they really didn’t believe me. They especially couldn’t comprehend how or why I would keep a secret that big silent for so long. What they didn’t know was that I was planning to wait a while longer, but coming across my one co-worker with my ring on scared me and I felt pretty paranoid after that.

I’m happy I told my co-workers, they are happy for me and I’ve gotten hugs, congratulations, and of course, the dreaded questions. But, the questions haven’t been too bad, mainly just repeating with disbelief in their voices of how long I waited after the engagement to tell them. Hey, I had to plan it out and even more so I had to decide what the heck I’m going to be doing. I still leave the ring off my finger when I’m working and basically keep it off until I step outside the door.

It’s nice to not have a huge secret weighing on me, well, besides my other secrets I don’t tell anyone about.

The man and I had a talk about reception stuff. I really just see 50+ people being such a money drain when we have to pay for a honeymoon too and I don’t want his version of a reception… which is KFC and some pizza. That is not a reception, I want something nice, with some drinks, and maybe a few appetizers. So, we finally came to an agreement to have around 12 people or so. Which, if this really is our idea and what we’re going to do, brings my stress down tremendously.

I mean, come on, he has 50 people (more that he was planning to invite than that, he ‘suspected’ only 50 would say yes), I have like… 15, and he thought I’d pay half for it and he’d pay? Uh, well, you have more than double the people and some people I never even met before and I have to pay for them? That is just not happening. So, luckily that almost 100 people seemed to go down to around 12, which I’m hoping is what will happen. I need to get my mom out of the plans, because every single day she is coming up with something different.

So, now I guess I’m old news with my engagement. But, I’m glad to get it off my chest!

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  1. LOL …. again Congrats.
    Darn those employees. Some of them feel cause your there with everyday that they are considered family.
    Silly co-workers! 🙂

    • Ha, thank you! Just glad to get it off my chest when it comes to my work, because I had to keep lying and hiding and while I’m very good at that I’m sure I was going to slip up one of these days soon. 😉
      Nah, I do love my co-workers (most of them) but I had to come up with a way to tell them and the man kept it secret from his family until Christmas time when he told them so I thought I’d do the same. They should know I love to keep secrets and I’m pretty damn good at it, if I do say so myself!


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