Wino was in a Bindo

The man and I had this little event thing we were going to last night which included wine, plentiful wine, never-ending wine, and mixing the different types of wine to make the superman wine of them all. I, of course, started drinking before the bell had been rung to consume alcohol and went crazy all night. I made myself a mixture of Cabernet, Merlot, a pinch of Malbec, and some other stuff. I named my mixed wine of the gods a sophisticated, yet, sexy name and put it on the table for the wine men to taste, test, and decide which was the best.

The best wine got a case of a mixture of whites and mixed wines to bring home with them. The man was not interested in winning it until he found out it was mainly white wine they were giving away. He perked up after that point and like his cocky self proclaimed he would win and when he did that we would share with the table.

Now, me, on my… 10th or so glass of the night or more said this wouldn’t fly. I don’t like to share, but we didn’t end up winning. BUT, I did have one of the judges calling out the name of my wine, looking for me, and he told me it was fantastic and like his second runner-up. So, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, like most things in my life, but I faked it and guess I came up with something not too shabby. At a certain point at the end of the night I definitely began to feel my countless tastings and full glasses of wine. There was a train outside and the lights from it kinda looked like fireworks. Whoa, I cut myself off after that point.

I didn’t get sick, I didn’t get headache this morning, my stomach is kinda sour but I don’t blame it. I must say, even if there’s wine as much as I want for the taking I don’t know if I’ll go that heavy on it again. My night last night was some crazy, trippy, intense dreams that I couldn’t wake up from and that I dreamed I woke up from and something happened in real life and then it got even crazier. I was on a video game quest, I had this really intense dream where my boss and one of the girl’s from work antagonized me about not doing well enough with my job and this stressed me out a lot … in my sleep. To put it lightly, it was some crazy shit and I’m happy to be awake.

I’m happy also to be awake without some serious hangover repercussions besides just my unhappy stomach. It was a fun night and I think the man had a good time too. He doesn’t drink that often but he comes from a family where there are a few alcoholics, so he makes sure to be careful about how much he drinks. And, I certainly can drink enough for him and I, and I can’t think of anyone better to take care of me then him so I don’t mind at all that he takes it easy on drinking.

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