Serenity Now

 I’ve figured out how to send photos I’ve taken on my phone to my lap top, and it’s probably not the easiest way. Our last trip we got to check out some beautiful mountains, and I ended up taking a shit load of pictures from the convenance of the car. This is one of the photos overlooking a river with the mountains in the background. It was such a pretty trip, and I had an absolute blast with the wedding that we went to.

I would never spend that much money in my entire life, especially on one day out of my life. I swear it was like a 100K wedding, gorgeous, but I’d rather spend $25 to get married at the courthouse. I drank a ridiculous amount of alcohol, mainly wine, and I’d say about 9-10 glasses within an hour span. This made his family who already knew they loved me (and an aunt I never met before) love me even more for my ability to out drink them.

The wedding was so perfectly planned, so well supplied with abundant booze, with the mountains in the background and it was at a wine vineyard. Talk about beautiful, but again, not my style. I am itching for another vacation, I’ve spent too much time in my daily grind and what a grind it was this Saturday. A surprise body wrap out of know where for the morning which sent me into a tail spin and a near heart attack. I just don’t remember all the steps to body wraps, I don’t feel confident in them, and this one they had signed up with me was a body wrap I never even heard of!

Then I had a husband and wife duo where the wife walked in with me to do the consultation with the husband who was getting the service. That was awkward, to say the least. I leave to let him get ready and she’s still in the room and ends up locking my massage room. Yes, you read that right, she tried to lock me out of my own room. Well, fortunately for me and unfortunately for her we have locks on our doors but they don’t work… they just are for show. So, I knocked on the door to see if he was ready and heard no answer, waited 2 min., peeked open the door to see her throwing the sheet and blanket in the air over his prone form.

Alrighty then, I say to myself, so I walk myself back up to the front, shaking my head, come back 5 min. later, and thank god the wife was out of the room. She then proceeded to tell me to take it easy on him because he hadn’t gotten a massage for a long time. I nod my head, get in my massage room, and wonder about locking the door to keep her out just in case but luckily she didn’t peek her head in. That would be super creepy. The guy was nice, it just seemed like the wife wanted to do all the talking for him and I just listen to the actual client getting the service done when these situations happen.

I got an extra day picked up this week, which should be brutal, and then my yearly review too. I’m kind of nervous about the yearly review, I really do want a raise but I’m afraid I’m not going to get one. What with our need to cut back hours, it just seems like a hint that a raise is just not something to be expected. Which is depressing, because I’ve been reaching my goals and trying my best lately. I really would like just a little something so I can have more money to give towards the man and I living together with our new place we’ll be moving into, our honeymoon, and a king sized bed and mattress, that’s just to name a few things. I guess we’ll just wait and see what will happen.

Fingers crossed it’s good news, but I’m prepared if it turns out that it’s not-so-good and I just get myself a pat on the back. Or end up giving myself a pat on the back just because after I’m done with the review.

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