The Deep Sleep

I must have been passed out and took some kind of sleeping pill (maybe it was disguised as my vitamin pill, who knows?) because I slept until 1pm. Yes, I know, I’m a dead weight, but I guess that’s what happens when I pick up an extra day for work and not only work it, but I’m ridiculously busy for that day too! Oh, and the day before, and the day before, I haven’t had a slow day all this week.  I woke up around 11am, looked at my watch and just ended passing out again.

I really don’t think I could do this on a full-time basis. Picking up that extra day permanently, because they were looking for a massage therapist to cover a day for another one who is gone now, but I knew one of the gals was desperate for more hours. Now, don’t get me wrong, this whole me being booked all day, not being booked at the end of the day so I get sent home an hour early is annoying. And that hour, plus another hour, plus another one ends up to being around $100 short on a paycheck, if not more. But, as long as I’m booked and have a lot of clients, I should be balanced out by tips. I love tips, they make my world go round for sure.

I never realized how tips are so important to a person working in the tip industry until I’ve done it myself. I was a dog groomer before, bather/brusher, so I was paid minimum wage with that and got tips periodically when people found out it was nice to tip. The poor dog groomers who cut hair and worked on the longer haired breeds sometimes wouldn’t get a tip for a long time until they found out that it was appreciated with that profession. I wonder now, being a massage therapist, how dog grooming is doing. I’m sure they are affected by the downturn of an economy as well.

The dog grooming job was physically, mentally exhausting. I was soaked down to the bone every day, to my socks, undershirt, pants, everything would be soaked. I had scratches on my arms, especially the insides of my arms that never healed, and when they did, there would be new scratches to replace them. I had to answer phones even as I was wrestling a rottweiler to the ground to do a quick $10 nail trim. There was only 4-5 of us, maybe 6 with another bather/brusher besides me, but it was mainly me and the true ‘dog groomers.’

I had the best manager ever for that job. She was kind to me, and she helped me a lot, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. I had an awesome group of women who were my co-workers in the Salon who made it so fricking hilarious every time we worked. We were a well oiled team, working together to help each other every hour of the day, and it was definitely a well knit group.

Why did I leave? Well, the job took its toll on me, the pay was ridiculously little and all the girls in the Salon seemed to leave at the same time. A new group came in, and I just didn’t know if I could handle the switch. Add to that my manager stepped down, and a new one stepped in, who wanted to test me and I didn’t appreciate that one bit, and I was out. I ended up liking the new manager on my last day, but it was the last day of my 2 weeks notice and so I moved on and went to massage school to start the beginning of this career. I finished my Associate’s degree basically at the same time of my massage school degree was handed to me.

I still smile at this being my first ‘real’ job. I never thought I’d be a dog groomer, because I hate dogs, but it turned out to be a great experience with some fun memories. I never thought I’d be a massage therapist, because I don’t like being touched, but I certainly do love this career and the girls I work with. There’s rough times, and tough days, but what job doesn’t have a bad day? I meet these awesome clients, and people from so many different walks of life, and affect them in a positive way and help them to handle their own lives a little easier but giving them the ability to relax for at least an hour. For the first time in months, or even years, they may experience the sense of relaxation that they’ve been avoiding for all that time.

It’s pretty awesome, it’s why I can’t seem to see outside of doing this career. I love it too much, I’m too passionate, I can’t see anything else I would be doing. Except something that isn’t a computer job, that is physical, and challenges me to improve myself every single day I work.

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