Call me bad

I’m pretty dang sure we are getting married at a courthouse… a little more than a year from now. Oh, Sarah, why aren’t you more romantic? Why don’t you want more people? Why don’t you want more … everything? I haven’t heard of anyone getting married at a courthouse, except with my mom and her 1st marriage she had. My father forced her into a big wedding with her 2nd marriage, she didn’t want it, but my grandmother pushed her into it so there ended up being around 200 people there.

Little known fact about me no one knows at work: I don’t have any family. I have my mother, my brother, and that’s kind of it. Friends? Nope, not really, I stay away from people trying to get to know me personally. I have some people I talk to, I guess you could maybe call them friend but that’s about… 2-3 people. So, why the heck would I want some huge wedding when there’s 2 people on my side and like near 300 people on his side? I don’t know if he’s completely sold on the courthouse idea, but it’s what I want. Then we can go take a cruise afterward and only have to worry about paying for the both of us and no complaining mothers (mainly mine) getting sea sick and wrecking the cruise.

We originally were dancing with the idea of getting married on a cruise. But, I do want my mom to be there, and she only would go if we left from certain ports and not the ones he wanted to leave from (I personally don’t care) so that was gonna be a big to do. Then, she told me she’d be paying for my brother, his now ‘girlfriend’, and herself so it should be whatever she wants and she wanted to leave from a different port or else then she wouldn’t come. And then my brother wouldn’t come. His mom would come though, so then he’d have his mom and mine would be having a hissy fit on land.

To say the least, big headache, pain, and big to do with that whole situation. I don’t want a wedding in any sense of the word. It makes me feel bad because I know he’d like pictures of it, and maybe want more people, but he isn’t doing the planning and I’m not doing the kind of spending even with a small wedding so I am not feeling that at all.

I’m probably the most unromantic person ever wanting to get married at a courthouse. Oh well, so be it, I’m pretty sure this is the plan. Or, at least, my plan.

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