Back in the Grove

It was a good day today, good clients, good hours, no getting sent home, good mood except for being incredibly hungry all day. I’m always surprised when I have a mini-breakfast how quickly and intensely I’ll become hungry. The hunger is pretty strong and I feel like gnawing off someone’s arm within… a few hours. The worst is when people cook their food during lunch and you can smell it during the massage and it just makes you salivate and want to hurry up with ending the massage so you can get back there and eat it.

I got the man and I massages at a spa nearby. Yes, I know, best-fiancee-ever. No one at work knows about it because I don’t want to be teased and becuase I don’t want people to know how good I am to him. I generally talk about all the stuff he does for me (giving me massages, rubbing my feet, doing laundry for us, cooking me dinner, etc.) and not as much about what I do for him.

Deep down I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and love to do little sweet thing for that special someone. I even do nice things for the girl’s at work, but I try to limit it. I’ve been taken advantage of way too many times and am trying to learn from being burned that when people learn you are a giving person they take advantage of it. The man never takes advantage of me which makes me want to do all sorts of stuff for him… except cook. I can’t cook worth a damn, I can’t even cook mac and cheese!

Yes, I’m not kidding, I screw up easy mac and cheese. I mainly can cook soup, grilled cheese, omelette, french toast, and that’s about it. Oh, and rice too, but only the easy, simple rice that comes in a bag. I can’t bake, and I’ve just never been taught how to cook from my mom and I’m just a hurricane and natural disaster in the kitchen.

Maybe one of these days I’ll cook for him, but not anytime soon. He cooks pretty good, though he does do some crazy shit like putting cinnamon on chicken… which is insane. And cinnamon in eggs, which is fuck all crazy, as I’d like to say. He made eggs for me once and it had all spice, cinnamon, weird bacon bits which didn’t taste like bacon, and all sorts of unknown stuff in it. I swore to make us eggs from that moment on, I can handle eggs, and I just like my seasoning simple and sane.

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  1. tknologlvr

     /  February 13, 2011

    Have your boyfriend cook with you. Tell him it would be fantastic to learn his cooking skills.

    • I’m like a bear in the kitchen, I get really nervous and hate sharing the space with someone, even with my special someone. But, I’ll have to try it out one of these days and have him teach me, and he would be all over me wanting to learn his fantastic cooking skills. 😉

  2. stocktoc

     /  February 14, 2011

    Hahaha! Cinnamon in eggs, huh? That is bizarre.

    My husband and I swap spots a lot, so he cooks certain items (breakfast, most of the time) and I handle dinner a lot of the time. And in our relationship, I’m the one who likes to experiment with new ingredients. He does a few things very well, and he usually sticks with them.

    • See? I thought maybe this was something I didn’t know but it tastes awful the whole cinnamon in eggs thing! Maybe he got the idea from french toast, who knows, right?
      I would maybe do that kind of arrangement with us but I rarely ever eat breakfest. I’m a pretty pick eater, I’ve gotten better, and he just seems to think any ingredient works with pretty much everything. The man does things pretty good too, except with that damn cinnamon in the eggs and on the chicken!
      Anywho, thank you for checking out my little blog and commenting!

  3. Katty Stone

     /  March 5, 2011

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    Katty Stone


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