What to do when life gives you lemons

As my mother’s and father’s marriage yet again falls apart, I just say let it fall. I was watching a T.V. show yesterday where there was this teenage girl who said what was the point of marriage? For many years it was the woman being traded as a sort of good to the man she was getting married to. What does love have to do with it? Her mom says how she thinks Cinderella was a feminist and the girl proceeds to say she saw how well marriage doesn’t work by seeing a failed marriage, hinting about the animosity between her mother and coming/going/asshole husband. Sometimes I kinda feel like this, but as soon as I do think this I just shake my head.

We, me and the man, are different. We do love each other, we do have fights, but we forgive each other and move on. Those two, my parents, use those fights as weapons and at a later time. They never stop fighting! Life between them is just one huge, never ending fight. They feed off of each other, they extremely dislike each other… to the point of hate at times.

My mother is finally realizing the cause and effect of what my father did. Cause, he filed for bankruptcy, put down the wrong information, has to pay back even more than he had owed, including the lawyer. Effect, my mother’s credit is destroyed, they don’t have enough money now to even pay for the mortgage because they didn’t have enough before, and now even less. The house can’t be sold because all of the homes where they live which are for sale go into foreclosure. She wants $5,000 from me if she can’t access her 401K because she recently took a $5,000 loan against it and doesn’t have the money to pay it back.

She said the whole “Oh, I’ll just take $5,000 from you” thing very nonchalantly. I was beyond livid to hear her just assume that I will dance to her with a $5,000 check in my hand and not receive the money back since she doesn’t pay me back on any money that she takes from me. This is why I no longer loan money to my family members… that, and, it’s a stupid idea. She seems to think all the money she spent on me as a baby/teenager/kid without a job that it’s just pay back money for, as she loves to say, all the things I’ve done for you.

I’m trying to make myself lemonade but all this stuff, shit, mind you, that has been building up seems to be hitting the fan and splattering over everyone’s face. My Mom was looking at a place with me when we went in to see my brother and I don’t know how she can go someplace else with the credit she’s going to have. Plus, she can’t be alone so she’s trying to either bait me, my brother, or someone besides my father to live with her. Everything is coming down, and I’m just bracing myself for the inevitable impact.

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  1. i love it


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