Snowed In

It’s odd to have it be so damn bad outside that not even my mom wants to drive in it. It’s even more unusual for it to be so shitty that I actually ask to be sent home. The weather is bitter, windy, snowy, and bitch slapping me every time I step out. So, I’m content to sit back, relax, and let myself be snowed in because I don’t have any say in it.

 But, the bad part of being snowed in is who you get snowed in with. It’s not the fiancée, but rather my family. And when I say my family, I do mean both my mother and father. And they are at each other’s throats like two hyenas fighting over a dead carcass. He declared bankrupcy and is just realizing bit by bit that he has to pay his debt off. And he doesn’t have the money to do that. And my mother doesn’t have money. I came home to hear them fighting so I closed my door and I’m locked away in my room now.

I have my yearly review coming up, which I’m pretty stressed out about. I just know what I’m expected to say, and what they’re expected to say, but I have been working my butt off and have been reaching my retail goals and surpassing it. I really do want a raise… bad. And who doesn’t want one, right? But, I have a wedding/elopement/cruise/whatever to worry about, a place to move into with the man, a vacation in May to save for, etc. Plus, I’m about the hardest damn worker you could ever ask for.

Yeah, I’m cocky, for good reason though, I’m da shit.

I’m wondering how to screw around, me and my mother normally waste our time in the car driving around until my father is asleep but every place is closed, and the driving is impossible, and it’s just supposed to get worse for tomorrow too. I left all of my books I was reading over at the fiancée’s house so I may have to come across something new to read. I’m sure I have some projects to do but it’s just mustering the energy to do them. Snow days make me pretty lazy.

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