Working on New Years Eve

Go figure I would work on New Year’s Eve, and Christmas Eve, and that New Years Eve I’m 100% booked. This means that the man and I are not going to any crazy drinking, crazy partying, for New Years Eve. We’ll have one of his bottles of wine and I bought 2 Ribeyes (yes, I am an amazing girlfriend fiancee) and some corn for dinner, from a not-so-cheap place that just has happy cows who are fed a vegetarian diet. This is supposed to make them amazingly tender (so it says on the sticker next to the price) which I’m hoping is true. But, this does mean that I get yet another Saturday off!

I don’t know how I’m going to face Saturdays when I have to work them again. 2 Saturdays off is just crazy I tell you! They tried to talk me into working Sunday too, just because it’s gift card season now, but I think I’m going to take it easy. I have been so exhausted lately, it’s the whole after Christmas rush and I’ve had a ridiculous amount of clients even though I did have Saturday off last week. I’ve been so tried, and sore, because my normally slow days on Monday and Tuesday have not exactly been so slow. Of course, I’m saving for a marriage so that does tempt me with extra money, but I won’t have any money if my body breaks down. And lately it’s been feeling like my body has been on the verge of having a major breakdown and me seriously injuring myself.

The man hadn’t told his family about the engagement, so they found out about it on Christmas Day. They were very excited, smothered me hugs, laughed, took pictures of the ring, and were obviously so unbelievably happy. It was very cute, and they love me too,  so it was definitely a wonderful time spending Christmas with him. I got all sorts of pretty jewelry, flowers for my hair (it’s a thing my mom got me into), and my brother got me a gift certificate for a spa, so I can’t wait to use that.

I couldn’t be happier that the Christmas thing actually went well. For year after year Christmas has gotten worse, so it’s nice to be asked how the holidays went and I’m not lying that it was nice, I actually mean it. The man got all sorts of pretty stuff, like ornaments, stained glass, etc. which he loved, so I’m a happy girl. Even though I’m thinking my work is conspiring to kill me by overworking me, I know this is what happens after Christmas. People get gift cards, they use them for the next 3-4 months, and the entire spa is slammed. I just gotta pace myself and take it easy when I’m not working.

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