Merry X-mas

I’m kinda happy I haven’t told my work about the engagement. I’m exhausted with all the gawking at my ring and tossing of questions when ‘the date‘ is. And, the date question is asked over and over again, and I just want to crawl under a rock to avoid it. Or, just plain run to a courthouse and get it over with that way. People don’t know how to deal with a to-be bride who is not crazy about the whole idea of it, who does not have a set plan, who isn’t getting jollies over her hair, and make-up, and place, what, when, and how.

The man made his mother keep it secret from his family until we saw them on Christmas Day. I unveiled my glove covered hand to the sound of ‘ooos’ and ‘ahhhhs.’ I abandoned my family for the holidays to go to the man’s because my mom works both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and she has been doing that for years. This Christmas was very low key for my family and I enjoyed that fact. I got everything on my brother’s list and he was super excited about that. He got me a gift certificate for a spa I’ve been wanting to check out for a while, so props goes to my brother.

James and I still haven’t ended up opening our presents. We will be doing that tomorrow after our trip back home. I miss my mom, and I really do miss my brother and not having them for Christmas. I worked Christmas Eve and he picked me up from work to go down to where his family lives on Friday, and my family had our Christmas celebration on Wednesday. I feel like a weight has somewhat been lifted since Christmas is disappearing, and that weight is going to be replaced by the feel of the question, “When’s the date? Have you set a date?” I don’t want a bunch of people… I really don’t want any people. I’m thinking maybe a cruise so it’s so expensive that only a few people can come with, not send out invitations, sounds good.

But, Merry X-mas to all and to all a passed out night!

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