Would you like me to bite off your head?

I’ve been a bit of a mess lately. You really don’t blame me too much, do you? Well, yesterday I was a sobbing, angry, lost, hopeless, shell of myself because I ‘lost’ my ring. I never really left the house, and I was doing dishes and laundry because the place was a mess (thanks to the man, all that baking and stuff) that I took off my ring to do dishes, put it on a GLAD box, put it back on, then took it back off again.

And I couldn’t find it. I was frantic, okay, beyond frantic, I was hysterical. I looked in the garbage, the recycling, in the couch, under the couch, in dishes, in the garbage disposal, here, there, and everywhere. When I finally seemed to cover everything I possibly could I called up my mother, sobbing, a complete mess.

“I can’t find my ring! Remember how you said you were going to take it away well you can’t cause’ it’s lost!!” (insert sobbing, sniffling)

“You want me to come over?”

“No, that’ll make it worse!”

“Okay, I’m coming over to help you look.” (click)

Thus, went another search and rescue mission with my mother going through all the stuff I checked, and us not finding it anywhere. I was dejected waiting for her to come over, wondering if I’d ever see my irreplaceable ring again. It was probably an hour of looking on top of my 2 hours looking alone when I had suited up to go out to my car to look, though I knew it wasn’t there because I hadn’t left the house. I was ready to put on my shoes without socks as I suddenly heard a triumphant, “I found it!” from my mother. As I desperately tried to get my ring back, my mom dangled it like bait in front of me saying she wouldn’t give it back until I said I wasn’t mad at her anymore.

Oh, I got that ring back, but she made a big show of finding it. She then proceeded to clean the apartment from the counters to the bathroom and proclaimed that a cleaner place would make me feel better. I’m just hoping it stays clean for at least a while now. I’m hoping some of my craziness over these past few days gets left at home since I have to go to work. Hopefully it’s a busy day so I can be holed up in my massage room all day and I don’t have socialize with my co-workers.

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  1. That was nice of your mother. Maybe in her own way that was her truthful apology

    • Ha, well, you know, I could do that kind of spin on it. But, my mother is too complex of a person, she probably wanted to find it so she could guilt me into something later and down the road. I know how my Momma works, but I knew she was going to find that damn ring. She could find a damn needle in a haystack she’s that good. 😉

  2. What a hassle!

    Luckily the ring was found 🙂


    • I sent a text to my poor friend at work and she nearly had a heart attack. Whoops. 😦 I was really freaking out!


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