I’m thankful for you

Since I’ve had a blog I have always, like a tradition, I’ve written about what I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving. That is what Thanksgiving is for, right? Or is it the plentiful food, crazy relatives, or in my case, my family trying to find an open restaurant on Thanksgiving for us to go to. The driving to the restaurant, or McDonald’s, or whatever. Or, like we do for Christmas day, going to see a movie because only the movie theatre is open and having some popcorn for dinner. Yum, yum.

But, I am thankful. For my family who seem to be the only people with the magical properties to rub me the wrong way. But, I love my Mom, and I love my brother. I’m lucky to have them, to have my mom who I can discuss about anything with, who reads me like an open book. My Mom is definitely my best friend. My brother will be there for me if I need him, and I love him too, though don’t tell him since he hates things to ever get too mushy. My whole family is never mushy, we don’t tell people what are feelings are, we just assume that the other person knows.

I am thankful for my job, for my clients I enjoy seeing, for the relaxation I give them, for the needed break I give them with that 1 massage out of the season. I really do love what I do, even though my last massage I did when I worked I had this lady who made me want to shot myself in the foot. But, besides her, there has been smooth sailing with good clients and I was way overdue.

I am thankful for my co-workers, mainly my little estheticians. I love my estheticians that I work with, every shift, they help me out a lot and I help them a lot in return. Lots of times they will help me without me asking, which is how I work. I just don’t ask for help, but if you are there when I need it, I definitely appreciate it. Which is why I got 3 gifts for the 3 girls who always help me during my shift, and I’ll be giving it to them around Christmas time + a Christmas card too telling them how much I appreciate them.

I am thankful for my car, which sounds goofy, but I’m glad I have. I am thankful for the small, small net support system I have with the man, and my mom, if I ever do need someone to hold me up and be there.

Most of all, I am thankful for my fiancée. I don’t know quite what I’d do without him. When I have a rough day he is there for me and helps me feel so much better. He does so many little, sweet things for me just because he likes me to be happy. He is my rock when I’m weak and I am very happy to have him. Plus, he deals with my family in stride, which is something that is not the easiest thing to do, but I’m very thankful that he will spend time with them and not run away screaming.

My brother acts like my dad, and he’s never liked me dating, and my Mom stalks whoever I’ve been with even before there was Facebook. But, that is just the way my family works and how they are. So, I’m thankful for some stuff, and it’s nice to remind myself of that sometimes.

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  1. Such a lovely post 🙂

    I adore your realistic, down-to-earth attitude, Sarah!


  2. All great things to be grateful for!

    • Exactly! Gotta find what there is to be grateful for, or else then you’ll be a big holiday grump. Which is what I am anyways. 😉


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