Seizure inducing lights

The Christmas lights were put up today, as well as the tree and ornaments. The man played music as we put together the branches of the tree and I sat down as he strung up strand after strand of seizure inducing lights. The ones that really got me were the blinking ones and the ones that slowly lit up, color by color, and then went into a blinking mess. They grow on you after some time of watching them, but at first it’s like, “Holy shit! The lights, the blinking lights!!”

He just loves Christmas, he is like a kid in a candy store when it comes to Christmas. He even has a clock that chimes every hour with Christmas songs. Every. hour.

I’m totally not kidding you, it really does chime a Christmas song like oh, silent night for about 20 seconds or it feels like longer and it does this every single hour. I told him I’m not sure if I can deal with this clock. The man told me that he loves it, so I will try to put up with it, but if it goes missing one day, it totally wasn’t me who hid it in a place he can’t find.

His eyes get all sparkly with the Christmas lights in the background. I’m trying to get in the mood too, and am looking forward to wrapping up some stuff to put underneath the blinking lights of the Christmas tree. It’s his favorite time of the year, and my least favorite time of the year. Go figure, right? I do love the gift giving thing, that is something I don’t mind, but the way my family deals with holidays makes me want to claw my eyes out. But, I’m not going to be a grouch and I will be his lovely fiancée and am making an effort to be good. Even though I want to curl my upper lip, growl, and hide in a cave until the Holidays are over.

My arms hurt, I’m in pain. A lot of pain. I had a ton of clients both days that I worked. Saturday I thought my arms, and my body, were going to give out on me. I did 6-7 hours of massaging straight. With basically no breaks, barely enough time to breathe and I didn’t drink anything for hours and hours. I had to pep talk myself in my head to just work through it and to tell my body not to give out. Luckily for me, the next two days are my slow days so I should be able to somewhat heal myself up. The weekend looks super busy so I’m hoping my two normally slow days stay that way. This is not something I normally say, but I was basically like murdered over the weekend. I didn’t show my tiredness, I kept it buried away until I came home to the man and collapsed on the couch. He made dinner for me and had it ready for me, which was definitely really nice.

So, ready or not, here come the holidays.

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  1. I always find a way to dodge putting up the christmas tree, hopefully my tradition will continue.

    • You could be like my family and never put one up. OR, we had a talking Christmas tree we’d use as a ‘Christmas’ tree, even though it was small, creepy, and it had green glowing eyes as his fake mouth flapped to, “We wish you a Merry Christmas.”

      It was creeptastic!

  2. Hah haaaa 😀

    Your man sounds so funny and cute to me!



    • Yeah, he is funny and cute but even in our phone calls I can hear that danged clock singing Christmas songs. It’s crazy! I gotta be like a mom and tell him not to get the Christmas tree light lights at the store. I’m just a big, bad grinch! 😀


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